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The Bunky Eldar

Full Army Photo

Here is the whole army together, around 3400 points.

Unit Photos


Autarch. I usually use him on foot, with power weapon and counts as mandiblasters. I also sometimes use him as counts as swooping hawk wings or warp spider jump pack. I modeled the reigns with green stuff, the cold one is from the dark elves, and the head thingy is from the High Elf Silver Helms.

Autarch on Bike I am also happy with this guy, he uses a reaper launcher and shining spear weapon. I took the top half of the metal autarch model and put it on a jetbike.

Farseer I usually use guide and doom. Sometimes I take him with a warlock unit, but I have not had much luck with this, although I have only used 3 warlocks.


I usually use this guy as a warlock and have him lead a unit of jetbikes.

Avatar. I am really happy with how he came out, I spent more tim painting him than anyone else. I painted him more like the bad ass picture next to his rules in the book, I like this scheme better than how it is painted in the book. I have used him I think 3 times, and twice he has blown himself up after killing a tank. Simply stunning.

Maugan Ra

Jain Zar


Banshees, 2 units of 6, I took the color scheme from a white dwarf that listed different versions of the aspect warriors.

Harlequin. I only have one finished, but it took me a long time, so here it is.


Guardians, 2 squads of ten. I usually use bright lances with them.

Storm Guardians. This is one of my favorite units. I stole the idea out of the hard cover rulebook, and I love the way these guys look.

Dire Avengers


Bike Squad. This is the first of 2 squads, but I usually take them as 1 squad of six. It is a little stronger that way. I would like to get a few more.

Bike Squad #2. Action Shots.

Wave Serpent. Usually carries Dire Avengers, sometimes Howling Banshees.

Fast Attack

Vyper Jetbike. All of the heavy weapons in my army are pinned, so I can swap them out. I like the vyper with a bright lance though.

Shining Spears. I take them with my autarch on a jetbike.

Heavy Support

Wraithlord. Little conversion work, very happy with the result. Much more dynamic than usual.

Falcon, my brother painted the freehand, he also did the flag on the storm guardians.

War Walkers. I like to take either starcannons or scatter lasers.

Dark Reapers. These are the older models, and I converted the exarch. Uses a Tempest Launcher, and is a bad ass against space marines.

That is everyone, I will have some more info soon.

Army List

Why I Started This Army


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