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Daughters of Tomorrow


This is a space action comedy short story not set in the Warhammer 40K universe. It contains mild sexual innuendo. I wrote it as a side project.

Daughters of Tomorrow -- The Planet of Wonder

In Space No-one Can Hear You Eat Ice Cream

It is the future.

Humankind has spread across space, making discoveries, inventing new philosophies, meeting aliens and making friends or enemies with them.

Currently the most popular system of government is the Empire. Humans have many Empires jostling with each other for preeminence, and they are all fairly similar. It doesn’t really matter which one owns the Imperial Navy Ship the Light Frigate The Heart of Choko.

The Choko, as her crew usually call her, is an Imperial Navy light frigate adapted for high value personnel transfers. She has a reduced weapon load combined with excellent speed, manoeuvrability and range. The defensive weapons and sensors are at 100%. The passenger quarters have been fitted out in luxury for carrying the highest ranking VIPs.

The Choko’s current mission: Transport Her Excellency Himawari to the Planet of Wonder to be installed as the new Ambassador.



Captain-Princess Uni (29yo)

An aristocrat who holds her rank due to her social status, Uni knows little about starship operations and relies on her crew to keep things going. Fabulous, flirty, flighty and forgetful, she cuts a swathe through the passengers on every voyage

Commander Riley (32yo) Second in command of the Choko and the person who really runs the ship. Riley is an ace pilot, decisive and bossy. Not easy to like, but she is highly competent and is respected by the crew.

Chief Engineer Scottie (35yo) An irascible redhead. Scottie and her assistants maintain all ship’s systems from the main reactor to the bathroom plumbing. Scottie runs mostly on coffee. She gets cranky if under-fuelled, and even crankier when over-fuelled.

Cadet Suzuki (19yo) Suzuki is a bright, ambitious cadet engineer. She’s good with computers but perhaps her most important duty is keeping her commander at the perfect level of caffeination.

Major Tomoko (27yo) Head of security and commander of the ship’s small complement of space marines. Nominally 3rd in line of command but only takes charge in military situations. Her quiet selflessness and polite manners have led Uni and Riley to impose many tedious and annoying duties on Tomoko.

Science Officer Makiko (42yo) The ship’s science officer helps run the main sensor suite, She gives general scientific advice and doubles up as the ship’s medical doctor.

Comms Officer Blaine (24yo) Responsible for all communications duties and maintenance of the computer network. He doubles on sensors and electronics in general.

Petty Officer Jones (38yo) A veteran non-commissioned officer whose practical and low level leadership skills make her a valuable if overlooked member of the crew.

The Ship’s Catgirl (??yo) Nominally in charge of biosecurity operations, which mostly means catching mice. However she is very bad at this because she loves cheese and never puts any in the mouse traps. Shy and sensitive, she spends a lot of time hiding or sleeping in warm places. The Ship’s Catgirl understands language perfectly but only verbalises in her own language.

Benson (42yo) A strong male crewman with an affection for The Ship’s Catgirl. He has a tendency to interpret orders flexibly.

Sergeant Lastovskyte (36yo) One of Major Tomoko’s two space marine sergeants. Discreet and capable.

Lieutenant Gonzalez Second pilot of the Heart of Choko. Gonzalez is usually the first choice to fly shuttle missions.

Ensign Heinrich A trainee star pilot, Heinrich is qualified on gunships but hasn’t achieved certification on large ships like the Choko.


Her Excellency Himawari (8yo) Himawari is a young girl of the nobility whose position as Ambassador is purely ceremonial.

Miss Fuuka (23yo) A pretty blue-haired girl, Fuuka is Lady’s Maid to Himawari and the leader of her entourage. While she likes a dance, it’s her good sense and practicality which keep the Ambassadorial party functioning well. Fuuka stands in loco parentis to Himawari.

Miss Chieko (21yo) Handmaiden to Her Excellency Himawari, Chieko is romantic and not very practical. Her sweet nature makes her an excellent principal carer for the young girl.

Miss Hanae (25yo) Social media and PR secretary to Himawari. Hanae is a bit of a raver and spends more time than may be entirely appropriate on her own social media.

Miss Honoka (24yo) As fashion and protocol advisor to Her Excellency, Honoka’s role is to ensure proper traditional decorum is observed.


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