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Dust Tactics Core Box Review

Dust Tactics Core Box Review

Welcome to my review of Dust Tactics Core Box. It isn't a real review just a display of what you get when you buy and what to expect. Once I play a game I will write up an actual review of the whole game.

What I will cover is what comes in the box and my initial thoughts and opinions of that, nothing in depth/definitive. That I will leave up to you when you get the box or already have. So please feel free to edit but make sure that what you say is distinguishable form what I have said.

First up is the cover art on the box, really start forward Allies attacking an Axis fortification with walkers exploding and soldiers fighting. Great artwork that really inspires the imagination for the game.

Next is the opened box, what you see are the rules, scenario book, free comic book, and game tiles. Convienently packaged in bags that are resealable, which is nice when you want to put the game away it allows for just that to keep the tiles clean and together.

Once the tiles have been taken out you can see what is the bread and butter the miniatures, unit cards, and the terrain. Once I saw them I got real excied and went straight for the walkers. The two white boxes next to the cards are the boxes holding the infantry. One for Axis and one for the Allied. I will just show all those pictures at once so you can peruse them and then I will comment.

Each Infantry model is individually wrapped in a bag. So once I was done I had a pile of them for uses I will have to figure out.

Next up the walkers, packaged together in a plastic container that keeps them separate. Someone on the forum suggested to use this as your carry case which is ideal. I warn though that you have to break down the miniature to get them to fit back in and some of the parts are delicate. If you do want to use it for transport only assemble the mains weapons leave the machine guns and lights in the box to protect them.

I will break down each walker and name them.

The Ludwig

The Luther

The Pounder

The Hot Dog

The last picture I included because in the real world the Allied walkers wouldn't walk unless as the picture shows the was some separation at the back end.

The last pictures show the rest of the box contents minus the comic book, tiles, and rules. I haven't taken any pictures to date.


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