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Eldar Aspect Temples

For the Eldar war is not just for survival but a way of life. For this they have established 8 Aspect temples to train warriors into killing machines of Khaine. But how do we use these to get the best out of them?

Dire Avengers

"The Dire Avengers are the first amongst the aspect warriors of the Eldar. They represent the war god as noble warrior, and are merciless to their foes and unstinting in their devotion to their people" - Eldar Codex, pg. 30

Dire Avengers have become almost the default troop choice for most Eldar players as they have superior range and stats compared to their lesser kin, Guardians. Having an improved WS and BS of 4 make these troops a good investment, as they are cheap and can dish out fire power.


  • Name: Dire Avenger
  • Phoenix Lord: Asurmen, the Hand of Asuryan
  • Strength: Shooting/Horde killing
  • Weakness: Close Combat
  • Aspect Classic Colour: Blue

The Dire Avengers main role in an army is to hold objectives and shoot, as they have superior fire power and leadership compared to that of the Guardians. The two draw backs of this Aspect is that they lack close combat skills and can only be 10 strong at most.


The Dire Avenger Exarch can be kitted out to play two different roles in the unit, he can either increase their strength of shooting by taking two Dire Avenger Catapults or can take one of two combination of close combat designed wargear, to help counter assault units.


  • Dual Dire Avenger Catapults: having an assault 4 shooting weapon is deadly even for a Space Marine, well suited for 5-8 man units to increase the volume of fire power in the unit.
  • Diresword: This ancient weapon is designed for killing multi-wound characters eg. Nobs, sergeants, etc. being a power weapon ignores armour saves and with the special rule on top if you fail to outright kill the model in question, if he fails a leadership test then is automaticly killed. The down side to this is that you cannot take a Shimmershield as well.
  • Shimmershield: There is not much to say on this one, the whole unit of Dire Avengers get a 5+ save in close combat, great for surviving some heavy punishment and tying up strong units.
  • Power Weapon: You know the deal, ignores armour saves, if you take this then you can also take a Shimmershield.


  • Defend:This is an underestimated Exarch power as it allows the Exarch to lower the number of attacks all enemies directing attacks against any member of the squad by 1. This means that assault marines fare no better in hand to hand then regular marines against the Dire Avengers.
  • Bladestorm: This seems to be almost compulsory for the Dire Avengers as it adds +1 to all shots from the unit this can equal an extra 9 shots, I would suggest that you buy this regardless of how you kit up your Exarch.

Howling Banshees

Banshees by Ifalna

"The banshee is a harbinger of woe and death in Eldar mythology, whose cry is said to herald ill fate and can even wrench a soul from its spirit stone. It is fitting that the most feared of all the Aspect Warriors draw their inspiration from this unearthly creature." - Eldar Codex pg. 31

The howling banshee is one of the most feared enemy on the board as they have a high initiative and have power weapon stock standard. These elite killers are a bit fragile compared to other aspect warrior like the striking scorpion or shining spear, these warriors make up for it in the death toll they cause on the enemy.


  • Name: Howing Banshee
  • Phoenix Lord: Jain Zar, the Storm of Silence
  • Strength: Close Combat/Elite killing
  • Weakness: Save throw
  • Aspect Classic Colour: Cream [Bone - Xen]

The howling banshees main role in the army is to attack heavily armored units such as Space Marines and Terminators, as their power weapons ignore the enemies armour saves. The howling banshees are armed with an array of great wargear for this, such as the banshee mask for assaulting into cover. The only real draw back is their poor armour, 4+, but in return get fleet of foot.

[Actually better when targetting high armour save. Banshees need a 6 to wound deathguard, so will only win that one when the deathguard are doomed. Doom makes this unit excel. - Xen]


The howling banshees exarch can be equipped for a number of roles, she can be given a thrown power weapon for softening targets before assaulting, she may be armed with twin blades to increase the number of attacks, or be armed with a strength enhancing power weapon for hammering the enemy.


  • Executioner: This weapon has one thing in mind, hammering the enemy with strength 5 power weapon blows, this really is a great peice of wargear that ensures that you are wounding as well as hitting on 3's or better. What's not to like?
  • Mirrorswords: This weapon is just trying to punch out more power weapon attacks, this is a good thing but most of the units that banshees excel at assaulting will usually have a toughness of 4 and thus you need 5's to wound, this can make life hard but if you want the extra attack then take it as they are cheap.(edit by woodbok: statistically Mirrorswords do less damage against everything except grots compared to an executioner)
  • Triskele: This is a thrown power weapon with the following profile: Range:12' S:3 AP:2 Assault 3, this may look weak but at BS5 and with 3 hits and AP2 this weapon can find a role in your tactics some how, they are cheap, they are forgotten about and can be thrown and used in assault in the same turn.


  • War Shout: This power forces the enemy unit you are assaulting to pass a leadership test or fight with a WS of 1, this is great as the rule fearless cannot cancel this out and if the enemy fail then they will have a hard time hitting you back after you attack, needing 5's to hit.
  • Acrobatic: This power is more for insurance then anything and for those who are wary of getting assaulted instead of assaulting.

Fire Dragons

"The Fire Dragon aspect is modelled upon the dragon of Eldar myth, the sinuous fire-breathing reptile that represents wanton destruction. Fire Dragons are aggressive and warlike, and seek nothing less than the total annihilation of their chosen foes." - Eldar Codex pg. 32

The fire dragons have the reputation of melting all who stumble into their path. These elite tank hunters are well armed to face the strongest of tank and walkers. Despite having a killer reputation from a short distance, lack any form of close combat readiness or defence. But heavily armour units such as mega armour nobs and terminators seem unable to handle the wrath of the fire dragons and their exarch, when brought to bear upon them.


  • Name: Fire Dragons
  • Phoenix Lord: Fuegan, the Burning Lance
  • Strength: Tank Hunting/Terminator killing
  • Weakness: Shooting Range/Close Combat
  • Aspect Classic Colour: Red

The fire dragons main role in the army is to neutralize armoured targets, like tanks or terminators and have grenades for assaulting armour. One must be careful as they only come with a 12" range and have a 4+ save on them, their lack mobility is the main problem facing the aspect warriors.


The role of the Fire Dragon Exarch is to either extend the threat range of the dragons or to add fire power for either anti-tank or anti-troops, either way has its benefits.


  • Firepike: This weapon is just a long ranged [18"] fusion gun, this is great for those just out of reach targets that you couldn't quite get to, however this means that the rest of the unit is unable to shoot, remember that they have grenades and can fleet then assault.
  • Dragon's Breath: This is a fantastic weapon, it comes free, auto-hits thanks to being a flamer and combined with crack shot, decimates units. With weapon complements Elite hunting or making sure that your unit has an ace up its sleeve for those close combat enemies that come too close.


  • Tank Hunter: This ability is not a must but really increase the threat level of these guys, putting additional hurt on those enemy armoured units. - increases the strenght of all your attacks against tanks by 1, S9Ap1 fusion gun to a landraider even from 6-12" can hurt.
  • Crack Shot: For 5 points to ignore cover saves and re-rolls to wound, you would be mad not to take it. This is fantastic thanks to 5th editions over abundance of cover saves the enemy will not be expecting them to be rendered useless.

Striking Scorpions

Striking Scorpions by Ifalna

"The Warrior Aspect of the Striking Scorpion epitomises the deadly attributes of their namesake, and they are the most potent of all the close assault aspects. They are merciless killers without exception, revelling in the hunt and the kill." - Eldar Codex pg. 33

The attributes that make this aspect stand out from their kin is that they have strength 4 thanks to the scorpion chainsword plus coming with a save equal to that of a space marine, 3+, plus the standard high initiative, this close combat unit can turn the tide of a battle.


  • Name: Striking Scorpions
  • Phoenix Lord: Karandras, the Shadow Hunter
  • Strength: Close Combat/Troop killing/Horde
  • Weakness: Shooting/Mobility
  • Aspect Classic Colour: Green

The striking scorpions main role in an army is to engage large units of troops, having the sheer number of attacks to clean out a sizeable ork mob. Thanks to the exotic array of wargear that is given to each of the scorpions, they have a standard 4 attacks each with strength 4, with the charge. This aspect can face all but the largest or toughest of units in close combat and win.

(If I'm not mistaken they actually have 4 attacks each on the charge: 1 basic, 1 for having 2 ccw, 1 for mandiblaster and 1 for charging, that's 4 attacks each) eric90810. If I'm wrong, please correct me and show me what I missed.


The striking scorpion exarch has access to a range of weapon to either complement the entire unit or to fulfil another role to tank hunter or character killer. Either role with help the entire unit in assault.


  • Scorpions Claw: The most widely used weapon for an exarch as it gives him the power to crush infantry and tank alike with ease. The only real downside to this weapon is that you strike at initiative 1.
  • Chainsabres: A relatively forgotten weapon in the exarch's arsenal, these dual blades do not contain the punching strength of the claw but confer the ability to re-roll miss to hit and wound in assault, for those of using this aspect for anti horde, like Tyranid with little to no tank then this weapon is for you. Nevertheless if you plan on dooming the target which they assault, a plain chainsword is better.
  • Biting Blade: This weapon is fairly cheap and can give out a lot of hurt, for every hit you gain +1 Strength, this can give you up to strength 8 (on the charge) on your attacks. This weapon is best suit for high toughness enemies and that of walkers and light armour. The real benefit of this weapon is that you strike at initiative 6.
    • (The Biting blade is considered a 2H weapon and replaces the chainsword, so if you are using a Biting Blade in close combat you do not benefit from a bonus attack from having 2 ccw's -Forsakenmantra) (ie: the Biting Blade can only give you up to strength 7 (on the charge) on your attacks. -launcelot7891) (Exarch has 2 base attacks + 1 for Mandiblaster + 1 for charge = 4 total; Base S of 3, Biting Blade adds 1 plus 1 per hit. So, a max of 8 (3+1+4) -Grakmar)


  • Shadowstrike: This power is a real gem, now in 5th edition units with the infiltrate rule can outflank. This allows your scorpions to pop up at a table edge and create chaos this your enemy. The real problem is that your scorpions can be too far away from your main force and fall to large amounts of firepower. You can also use this power to let their vehicle outflank, allowing a wave serpent to ram from outflanking or shoot at side armor with a shuriken cannon/scatter laser.
  • Stalker: Conferring the "move through cover" special rule, stalker seems almost pointless, however I would recommend this power in case of large amounts to terrain like cities of death and the like, as it can almost secure 5-6" movement.

Swooping Hawks

"The Swooping Hawks take their name from the wild hunting birds of the Eldar myths, synonymous with vengeance and retribution. In ancient times the Eldar believed that the spirit of a murdered Eldar would pass into a hawk and hover above the killer as a mark of guilt." - Eldar Codex pg. 35

The swooping hawks are famed for their hit and run tactics, causing panic and chaos to all those in reach of their weapons and bombs. Only the most skilled of tacticians have used this aspect to its full potential.


  • Name: Swooping Hawks
  • Phoenix Lord: Baharroth, the Cry of the Wind
  • Strength: Shooting/ Troop killing
  • Weakness: Close Combat
  • Aspect Classic Colour: Blue

The main role of the swooping hawks in an army is to reduce/destroy little units, like ork boyz, imperial guardsmen, etc. The swooping hawks are armed with a mid-range lasblaster and kick ass grenades. The haywire grenades are fantastic against vehicles as they only need a 2+ to affect a tank. In addition to the haywire grenades the swooping hawks can throw grenades when coming onto the table via deepstrike, this is a large blast designed for killing troops.


The swooping hawk exarch plays a pivotal role in mobilizing and enhancing his unit, either to enhance the hit and run style or to increase the effectiveness of their firepower.


  • Hawks Talon: This turbo-charged lasblasters main role is to punch through troops that the rest of the unit have missed with an increased strength and firing rate. A cheap and useful weapon.
  • Power Weapon: This weapon ignores armour saves and allows the exach to keep his lasblaster, however since the only real benefit of having this weapon is to ensure you kill one or two things in assault, it becomes almost pointless as you should never plan to get these great shooters into assault.
  • Sunrifle: This is the most purpose built weapon in the swooping hawk exarch's arsenal, as its role it to suppress and pin the enemy, having a firing rate of assault 6, greatly increases its effect and is almost a must for an exarch.


  • Skyleap: This amazing power ensures that your swooping hawks stay safe while still being able to deliver death to the enemy. This power can be maximized with the used of an Autarch to add +1 to the reserve roll each turn. Also since this allows the swooping hawks to use their grenade packs each time they come back onto the board, this tactic is great against horde armies.
  • Intercept: Intercept allows the swooping hawks to always hit vehicle on +4 or better, this power comes cheap and is almost a must have, thanks to the haywire grenades.

Dark Reapers

Dark Reapers by Ifalna

"The Dark Reapers are the most menacing of the Warrior Aspects. They exemplify the War God as Destroyer, amd their skull-masked costumes echoes that of their founder, the Harvester of Souls." - Eldar Codex pg. 34


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