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FOW Yankee

FOW Team Yankee

I have read through the book Team Yankee, also Chieftains which were good reads with some pretty decent scenarios to consider. I would like to bring to the attention of fellow Cold War Gone Hot enthusiasts, the books by Steve Heaney MC whom has written about the exploits of the Paras and SAS during Operation Certain Death, plus other good reads, ie Operation Mayhem. However in line with the first two books especially for the Team Yankee players to be, try Stand To and Advance to Contact by ANDY FARMAN, their are 3 more books of which I am on number 3 now. These have a combination of Sea Air and Land warfare, mini nukes, NBC episodes, spetnaz v Coldstream Guards with the 82nd Airborne, tied in with the various armoured columns of the varied soviet warsaw pact armies. The story line has lasted over the three books so far, and has a lot to read. Luckily I have them on my kindle via the Amazon kindle library, all 5 are available for the low price of £15, so i will be investing in them shortly.....Keep the dice rolling


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