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Fast painting Plague marines


Here's My (Alphonsusjude) Article on How to quickly paint Plague Marines:

Step 1: Prime the Miniature Chaos Black

Step 2: Base Coat the Miniature in Catachan Green

Step 3: Heavily Dry-brush Scorched Brown

Step 4: Heavily Dry-brush Vermin Brown

Step 5: Dry-brush Camo Green a little lighter than the Scorched or Vermin brown

Step 6: Lightly Dry-brush Bleached Bone

Step 7: Paint the bolter, and any tubing Boltgun Metal

Step 8: Paint the edging of the armour Dwarf Bronze

Step 9: Wash The armor edging and with a Black wash

Step 10: Wash the Entire model and bolter (minus armor edging) with a brown wash

Step 11: Highlight Skulls and other areas with bleached bone

Step 12: Wash Highlighted areas lightly with a brown wash

Step 13: Finally Paint the eyes Red.

(also in this step I did a light purple wash in particular areas. Just a personal preference)

Hope this helped!



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