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Felix's Postmen, A Necromunda Delaque Gang

The Postmen

by Felix Flauta

The Postmen lived and died within the confines of Hive 312. They fought the likes of the Underhive Tyrants, the Jack Draculas, the Water Rats and The Brotherhood of the Church of the Blackheart Revival. They suffered early on, but grew to a formidable gang before all contact with Hive 312 was lost.

The Rabbi (Deceased)

The Rabbi climbed a large tower and got into a firefight with the Jack Dracula heavy Liam. When he took pinning fire, he dropped to the ground but rolled over a railing and fell several stories. Quin tried to save the Rabbi with his limited medical knowledge, but the wounds were too far gone. It was the start of the gang's decline.

And the beginning of their new arrival.

Quin, the Lord of Phantoms

Quin was the gun who lead the way. Though the gang struggled early on in crushing losses to the Jack Draculas, the Church and others, he fired straight and never lost sight of his goal. After he lost the Rabbi, he almost called it quits, but his sense of protection over the Juves in his care kept him going.

Lester the Mole Jester

Lester appeared from the shadows and stopped other gangers with heavy shotgun rounds. It was just one reason why they called him the Mole.

Pat the Furious Hell

No one asks how Pat learned to escape from ropes. "There's nothing a hammer won't fix" he would say as the other gangers quickly learned to keep their distance.

Darth Luuk, son of Thanatos

He couldn't afford none better than his two stub pistols, but Luuk always carried spares. Instead of rapid reloading and rapid draw he became a master at the rapid throw it away and grab another one.

Taskmaster Bob

Bob constantly threw the Juves into situations that kept him alive. "Yer expendable until you get better." Fortunately for some of them, they actually got better.

Big Beat Jordini

It took quite a while, but Quin eventually replaced the Rabbi with Jordini. The lack of a Heavy Stubber never seemed to bother him as he knew the gang would work tirelessly to replace the Rabbi's lost gun.

Juve no longer, Jonnie

Juves get shot at, picked on, and thrown at the enemy, and Jonnie was a Postman since he was a Juve, but no one calls him "Juve" anymore. After surviving a beating from one of the Underhive Tyrants and the bullets of a mercenary scum, Jonnie learned quickly how to survive. He learned so quickly that Quin awarded him with the gang's greatest treasure, a powerfist.

Mac the Mac

He wasn'tthat great of a fighter, but Mac grew up physically strong. So this other former Juve bore the second power weapon of the gang and tried to keep up with Jonnie.

Drew Dark Juve

The gangers called him dark because he only ever spoke about killing people, and the gangers knew there's more to the gang than murder. However, Drew had a fascination with death that caused him to obsessively check the gang's equipment before battles. It was one of those things that was unsettling, but useful.


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