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Felix's Searforge Army

by Felix Flauta

Gordon Grundback

Gorten Grundback's Battlegroup includes two heavies for serious pounding. Upkeeping necessary spells, Gorten approaches with his warjacks and armies at a slow and steady rate until its time for him to summon the Landslide. As the enemy falls, his battlegroup takes it apart like the interior of a mine shaft.

Forge Guard

Two squads of Forge Guard cover the advance. Their armor protects them and their training allows the troops behind them to fire over their heads. Sometimes the troops follow the Forge Guard and sometimes the Forge Guard move down the flanks to funnel the enemy into a concentrated area for Gorten's Landslide to take full effect.


Highshields protect each other and their warcaster with their short statures and defensive shield walls.


Thor's particular affinity for running and optimizing warjacks makes him capable and worthy of bringing heavy warjacks or maybe a couple light gun warjacks into battle. He is a priority target for any enemy who recognizes the value of a good mechanic.

Ogrun Mercenaries

Gudrun and other masterless Ogrun hire out to the Searforge both because of coin and kinship. The Bokurs protect their clients with a singular devotion and Gudrun wanders from battle to battle, contract to contract, trying to forget some failure of his past.

Brun and Lug

Despite his anti-social behavior (and the presence of his rather large bear), Brun supports the Rhul folk through contracts drawn with the Searforge. However, no one expects him to linger long after his contract is fulfilled. Brun and Lug prefer their snowy mountains and the isolation that the hidden passes offer them.


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