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Filbert's Death Guard - Mortarion's Hammer
Filbert's Death Guard - Mortarion's Hammer

(click to see a larger version)

First off, I am ashamed to say that in 20+ years of wargaming, I have yet to boast a 100% fully completed and painted (to my satisfaction) army. I recently had a spurt of motivation and directed it at my oft-neglected Death Guard army - mainly because it was the closest at the time to being finished! I present to you the results, preserved for eternity in the Dakka Army Profile section so that at least I can say I have completed one!

Before you ask, yes, I realise this army is horribly uncompetitive. I play very rarely and win even less - this army is really based around fluff. I am more of a collector than anything else, a bit of a magpie so this army is cobbled together from bits and pieces accrued over the years.

Force Organisation (army is selected from the below options - not all are fielded in one go!)


  • 1 x Nurgle Daemon Prince
  • 1 x Terminator Lord
  • 1 x Typhus
  • 1 x Sorcerer
  • 1 x Great Unclean One


  • 1 x Dreadnought
  • 5 x Terminators


  • 10 x Plague Marines
  • 10 x Plague Marines
  • 15 x Plaguebearers


  • 1 x Landraider
  • 2 x Predators
  • 5 x Havocs

Daemon Prince

This Daemon Prince came from Ebay - snapped up for a good price. I prefer the Nurgle one over the old generic metal one, obviously. He usually makes an appearance in most of my games.

Terminator Lord

Standard Terminator Lord - just 'nurgled'. I usually bung this chap in with his pals in a Land Raider


Sadly Typhus doesn't often get much of a run-out but he is there if I ever need him! I particularly like the little nurgling clinging to his base.


I think my Sorcerer is probably my least used model, even more so than Typhus. I can't remember the last time he saw battle!


I don't use Raptors as I don't consider them Nurgle-y enough (same with bikers) but I do run a small Terminator squad, usually mounted in a Land Raider. The Terminators are more Ebay rescues - hence the old school metal versions. One day I may 'upgrade' them to the new plastic kit.

I must be one of the few people who actually use a Dread! again, one day I may 'upgrade' to the official FW Nurgle Dread but for now, I use this chap. Most of the time he is pretty useless, either getting blown up early or getting bogged down but every so often he wipes something out with 1 shot.


Plague marines - I have 2 squads in my list but I have spares so could stretch to 3 squads if needed - both with Rhinos. The squads are a mixture of the metal Plague Marine kits and the old mono-pose plastic snap fit ones. Again, like so much of this army, an Ebay rescue.


Couldn't be a Nurgle army without some Plaguebearers! I find the current rules for summoned daemons to be a bit toothless but every so often these guys will be worth taking especially if they can get a charge off straight after appearing which can be an advantage.

Heavy Support

I have a Land Raider that generally gets used for Typhus and his cronies.

I also have 2 Predators, one being an old school and old style metal/plastic hybrid, the other a more recent kit.

I also run a small squad of Havocs, just to camp in ruined buildings and lay down some fire.


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