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Foda Bett's Inquisition

Full Army Photo

The whole army:

The 2 flamer Squads:

Terminator Squads:

Witch Hunter Squad and Storm trooper squad with valkyrie. You can see the extra pair of plasma guns I painted up.

Meltagun squad and dread:

Blue and Green Grey Knight squads with Coteaz:

Yellow Grey Knight Squad:

Unit Photos


Inquisition Firestorm Squad:

Consisting of an Inquisitor with psycannon, 3 Heavy Bolter Servitors, 2 Sages, and a mystic.

Inquisitor conversion using a Grey Knight:

Servo skulls:


Crazy old man with a chain saw:


Witch Hunter Inquisitor with Churigens - The inquisitor is the Games Day Archeon on foot figure with an inquisitor scale chain sword (for the eviscerator) and the assault marine head:

3 Crusaders:

Acolyte with mancatcher:

Grey Knight Terminators:

Converted Grey Knight Grand Master. This model started out as a normal termi I added a belt buckle from the Inquisitor range. The head is from the Death Watch sprue, and the chest is from the marine sprue. The book is from the old metal Master of the Ravenwing, the chain is from a necklace:

Grandmaster Stern:

Terminator Squad 1:

An incinerator termi, and 2 bolter termis.

Terminator Squad 2:

Brother Captain, a psycannon termi, and a bolter termi.

Grey Knight Squads:

Yellow Squad:

Close ups:

Blue Squad:

Close up:

Green Squad:

Close up:

Close up of the decals:




Storm Troopers:

I painted all of my storm trooper squads with 10 men and 2 of a special weapon (as well some other specials) Squad 1 - Plasma:

Squad 2 - Melta:

Squad 3 - Flamers:

Squad 4 - Flamers:


All good T3 Sv 4+ need a transport to get those guns where they belong.

The Transports are color coded with the =][= on the front and back door. The white's belong to the flamer squads, the red to the melta squad, the black to the With Hunter Inquisitor.

The tanks are accessorized with extra armor from the Grey Knight Thunderhawk add on kit Forgeworld made available for a few months.

Of course all of the Rhino kits have that fancy interior so I had to paint it:

Grey Knights need some anti-tank punch so out come the dreads:

Death Watch:

These are my first painted Inquisition models from many years ago:

Why I Started This Army

The Grey Knight Models are some of the best models I've ever seen so I knew I had to do an army of them. The local GW had a painting competition with them which I took second in and won the Coteaz box set.

Each of these models has custom decals for their names (each one has a different Angelic name), and squad colors. All of the Nemesis force weapons have their blades polished up from the bare pewter to shiny finish, this took roughly 2-4 hours per model.


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