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Category:Daemonhunters Army Profile
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Foda Bett's Inquisition

The Grey Knight Models are some of the best models I've ever seen so I knew I had to do an army of them. The local GW had a painting competition with them which I took second in and won the Coteaz box set. Each of these models has custom decals for their names (each one has a different Angelic name), and squad colors. All of the Nemesis force weapons have their blades polished up from the bare pewter to shiny finish, this took roughly 2-4 hours per model.


Deadshane1's Grey Knights '09

I've always wanted an army of Grey Knights, even before the current codex came out. I've simply always loved their fluff. Since the early days of Rogue Trader I've always been fascinated by powerful psychic characters. Once I discovered the fluff of the Grey Knights (an entire chapter of psykers essentially, I've been enthralled. Finally I've jumped in and heedless of the cries of "worthless", "loser army", and "you're nutz" I decided to make an army mainly consisting of the finest warriors humanity has to offer.


InquisitorMack's Grey Knights

I began this army because my first 40K model was the Kasrkin stormtroopers & I've painted this unit over and over and over; I usually trade someone who just bought them and doesn't want to paint them. I love those models. I also love psycannons, and GK terminators. All of this usually adds up to disastrous games based on cruddy army lists but I have fun.


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