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Gaming Podcasts


A podcast is akin to a radio show that is recorded in an electronic format and made available to listen to at the listener's convenience. The name is derived from the combination of the words "iPod" and "broadcast", although they can be heard on any device that will play the appropriate audio file (most commonly the MP3 format). Podcasts are available from a variety of sources, including the podcast's webpage, but aggregators such as iTunes.

You can now listen to the latest wargaming podcasts in-browser at dakka's podcast page

General Gaming Podcasts

These are podcasts that span gaming in general, not just miniature wargaming.

The Nerdherders Podcast

The Nerderherders Podcast is a podcast created by Ian Clark, Dave Farr and Matt Alix. It now has a fourth host, Andrew Howard. The Nerdherders Podcast is like hanging out with your gaming buddies. They cover a lot of topics in gaming, but also video games, comics, etc. With a great energy, lots of laughs, you'll learn something while keeping a smile on your face.

The D6 Generation

The D6 Generation is a podcast created by Dakka veterans Russ Wakelin, Raef "Hollywood" Granger and Craig Gallant. The D6 Generation tends towards in-depth, thoughtful reviews and covers miniature wargaming, boardgames, roleplaying games, and the gaming industry as a whole.

Meeples and Miniatures

Meeples & Miniatures covers a wide range of tabletop gaming and board gaming. Lots of in-depth reviews. It is produced in the UK.

World's End Radio

World's End Radio, based Down Under, features discussion about all GW games, including 40k, WFB, LotR and Specialist Games.


THACO features lively discussion about various topics of interest to gaming geeks. Not so much the games themselves, but the culture surrounding the games.

Fear the Boot

Fear the Boot RPG focussed, very long running and highly though of podcast. The guys are very helpful and have helped out other podcasts start giving good advice freely on how to improve quality and other technical issues.

Warhammer 40k Podcasts

These podcasts focus entirely on Warhammer 40k.

Roll to Seize

https://www.partialarc.com/roll-to-seize/ Alternates between 40k RPG Dark Heresy and two other installments monthly, one called 40k Arena pitting two opposing forces (usually single units) in a gladiator-type setting in Commorragh and another a hobby podcast wherein the hosts review themed lists and talk about their personal 40k blunders under the heading "seize of the day".

Forge The Narrative

http://www.forgethenarrative.net/ Forge The Narrative is almost exclusively 40k driven with hobby, tournament and rules talk all in the same place. Each episode is about an hour long and filled with content from a diverse panel of gamers.

40k Radio

40k Radio is an exclusively Warhammer 40k podcast. It features news, modelling advice as well as gameplay analysis. 40k Radio has changed hands once again and is now owned by Geek Nation Tours. It features exciting new hosts and a new spirit. This can now be found on the Freebooters Network.

Dice Like Thunder / The Eternal Warriors

Defunct Podcasts - pages no longer resolve.

The Independent Characters

The Independent Characters Covers Warhammer 40k from a positive perspective. The hosts focus on the positive aspects of Warhammer 40k and all types of playstyles. They discuss hobby work including painting, modeling and conversions, and focus on playing the game in the way you want to enjoy it. If you are looking for rants or complaints about the hobby, this is not the Podcast for you. If you love Warhammer 40k and want to listen to others who do, you might enjoy The Independent Characters.

11th Company

Defunct Podcast. Page no longer resolves.

40k Warcasting

Defunct Podcast. Page no longer resolves.

Warhammer Fantasy

These podcasts focus entirely on Warhammer Fantasy.


Podhammer is an exclusively Warhammer Fantasy podcast, based in Australia, that features news and gameplay analysis. This Podcast has been on hiatus since October.

The Waaagh-Cast

The Waaagh-Cast is a fan podcast about Warhammer Fantasy Tabletop Game. The show will attempt to cover many topics from army reviews, tactics and strategies to news and rumors." Has over 50 episodes. Not very consistant.

Bad Dice

Bad Dice is a WFB podcast dealing with the UK tournament scene.

Point Hammered

http://www.pointhammered.com/ A humorous but fairly good fantasy podcast. They do get off topic a lot though


http://www.ohiohammer.com/ A newer podcast with some different opinions from the norm.


Heelanhammer is another UK WFB podcast with good information.


WiscoDice is a Midwest based WFB podcast with some other gaming content including board games and other miniature games like Bolt Action and Dropzone Commander.

Warmachine and Hordes

These podcasts focus entirely on Warmachine and Hordes by Privateer Press.

Focus and Fury

Focus and Fury is a page 5 podcast. Benish and crew talk about tactics and what ever crosses their minds.

The Prime Generation

The Prime Generation is a close-knit gaming group who love to talk Warmachine, Hordes, and whatever else comes up.

Older Podcasts (or those who have passed on)

The Drop Pod Cast

The last episode was aired in 2008.

The Drop Pod Cast covers Games Workshop games as a whole, focusing on Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40k and Lord of the Rings. Content includes news, modelling, and tactics.

This Week in Wargaming

The last episode was aired in 2010.

This Week in Wargaming features a regular, weekly (the clue is in the name... geddit?) discussion of wargame news provided by Troy of Samurai Gunslinger and Zac of TabletopGamingNews.com

The Tabletop Battlefield

The last episode was aired in 2010.

The Tabletop Battlefield Lots of discussion here. New shows are released about every two weeks and there is a vast archive worth exploring of "how to..." terrain projects and the like, as well as game reviews and discussions. They also produce a video podcast of each episode in mp4 format which is nicely done, particularly for the terrain articles.

Miscast Podcast

The last episode was aired in 2009

http://www.miscastpodcast.com/ No new episodes since Sept but archive is there. A good nuts and bolts fantasy podcast. Show is now been canceled although it may come back at some point

The Iron Agenda

The last episode was aired in Jan 2011

The Iron Agenda has lots of good tactical discussion about Warmachine and Hordes.

Fell Calls

The last episode was aired in 2009 - No current web address

Fell Calls has been featured in No Quarter magazine and regularly talk about tactics, gameplay, and even roleplaying in the Iron Kingdoms. Each week they present both a top five and some wild speculation.

The Miniature Wargamer's Union

Unknown - No known web address.

The Miniature Wargamer's Union was an organization of gaming podcasts dedicated to Games Workshop games and high quality podcasting. Members include The Drop Pod Cast, Podhammer and 40k Radio.


Unknown - No known web address.

Warhamma covers the Warhammer Online MMORPG developed by EA Mythic.


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