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GiraffeX's Skyrar's Dark Wolves

Skyrar's Dark Wolves


Logan Grimnar

The main body of the model is the Khorne Lord from Forge World with added Space Wolf parts

Rune Priest & Caller of the Slain

The tree was made from Sculpey.


Lone Wolf

Iron Priest


Wolf Guard Squads made from Space Wolf Terminator and Chaos Terminator parts with a few other random parts thrown in to make each model look different.

The middle model counts as Arjac Rockfirst

Now the Grey Hunters



Thunder Wolves

Hyperios Air Defence Launchers for some anti air support

Heavy Support

Long Fangs

The Multi Melta squad ride in the Drop Pod with Logan and Arjac

Vengeance Weapon Battery

Why I Started This Army

This army was initially created for 2500 point tournament which is the Logan Wing part, 6 squads of Wolf Guard in terminator armour. The army is ever expanding and will be having new units added as time goes on. I'm more of a modeller and painter than player which I hope shows in the army.

All my current projects can be found in the following blog http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/354443.page


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