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Grey Knight Tactica (Fast Attack)

Written By GoDz BuZzSaW

Hello and welcome to Part 4 of my Grey Knight tactica. Here I will be taking a look at the Fast Attack Section from the 5th Edition Codex. The Fast Attack Section has become the least used section in the 5th Edition of Warhammer 40k, with little or no units from this section featuring in tournament lists for most armies. This section has the least choice and will rate the only 2 Fast Attack Units in the Codex, The Stormraven Gunship and The Interceptor Squad.

Stormraven Gunship:

The recent addition to Space Marine Chapter Codices, The Stormraven Gunship combines Protection, Mobility and Firepower into one. While most players may be put off of the Stormraven due to the AV12 meaning that it can be picked off quickly, it is not to say that Stormravens do not have their uses. They are very fast and can put instant pressure on the enemy. They can also carry an alarming rate of firepower including Multi Meltas and Assault Cannons which can be combined with Psybolt Ammunition to pump out a lot of Anti Tank rounds on the enemy, they are also Versatile and can have Anti Infantry Weaponry including Hurricane Bolters and the TL Plasma Cannon.

May Take:

TL Multi Melta - The best choice to take, the Stormraven can move flat out turn 1 and then PoTMS the Multi Melta which may be in 12" Range for the Extra D6, An best of all, it's Twin Linked so 9/10 times should be hitting the target.

Typhoon Missile Launcher - Too expensive to fire 2 S8 shots or 2 S4 Templates, it would be better to keep the Heavy Bolter or Multi Melta and then spend an extra 5 Points on Hurricane Bolters to make it just as versatile.

TL Lascannon - While it is free, it limits the Stormraven to one role, it's better to have the Multi Melta for this job as the Stormraven excels at close range thanks to it's Ceramite Plating and close range weaponry.

TL Plasma Cannon - For Free, a good swap with the Assault Cannon to give your Stormraven MEQ/TEQ killing abilities.

Hurricane Bolters - An Expensive Addition to the Stormraven and not completely necessary, i've never been a fan of adding extra bolters to my tanks and prefer better ways of spending my points. However it can turn the Stormraven into an Infantry Killing Machine.

Psybolt Ammunition - Althought it looks like it works well with Hurricane Bolters as it makes them S5, it reduces their defensive weapon status which means that you will be less likely to ever use them and it was a pointless upgrade, Why spend all these points when all you're going to be doing is moving 24" and firing 1 gun or moving 12" and firing the other 2?

Teleport Homer - While Expensive, not a terrible choice, the Stormraven can get into a key area with the Librarian early in the game and then be able to use the Summoning Psychic Power to full effect with no Scatter. But Servo Skulls can do the job better for a cheaper price if you can keep them in the location

Warp Stabilization Field - Teleports the Stormraven through the Summoning Psychic Power, and can then shoot a weapon thanks to it having PoTMS and alsogains a neat 4+ cover save as it counts as moving flat out, a good choice and it's cheap.

Rating: Semi Competitive

Interceptor Squad:

A jump Infantry Strike Squad that is capable of moving 30" once per game thanks to their Personal Teleporters. Interceptors can be vital in objective games, with their teleport shunt denying the opponent an objective late in the game or even securing an objective if made a troops choice when combined with the Grand Strategy rule, Interceptors can provide fire support quickly but can end up separated from the bulk of the Grey Knight force making them vulnerable to horde enemies with only 1 Base attack.

May Take:

Psilencer - A heavy weapon is just a waste on a unit that is going to be moving every turn. Avoid at all costs.

Psycannon - Makes the 24" range less of a worry with the 12" Movement of the Interceptors, a good choice

Incinerator - A Bargain, the movement of this unit allows you to take full advantage of this weapon getting it into key areas and maximising damage on the enemy, provides vital firepower against horde enemies as the Interceptors only have 1 base attack.

Nemisis Daemon Hammer - At least 1 is a must have for every unit, provides great protection against Monstrous Creatures or Vehicles.

Halberd - A nice choice making them strike at I6, but expensive on a unit that will be more likely to be used for fire support.

Nemisis Falchions - Too expensive for an extra attack, once the prices are stacked it becomes hard to see why this should be taken as you'd be better off spending the points elsewhere.

Rating: Semi Competitive


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