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Grey Knight Tactica (HQ)

Written By GoDz BuZzSaW

Hello and Welcome to my Grey Knight Tactica, Here I will be rating the HQ choices in the 5E Codex, I will rate the following army choices between Competitive, Semi Competitive and Casual based on how effective they are in games and how they should be taken. I hope that this helps Grey Knight Players to build and improve their army lists.

Just for people who don't know:

Competitive Is choices that are best choice for Tournaments.

Semi Competitive Good at Tournaments but not as good as Competitive Choices

Casual Just for Fun Games

Grand Master:

This is a HQ that is definitely worth considering taking. While at times unreliable, The Grand Strategy Rule can really bolster one or several units of Paladins, Purifiers or even Dreadnoughts to be able to capture objectives or get the scout special rule which can be made good use of by giving to a unit in a Rhino. Great for Fluffy lists and even ones that tend to not take a lot of troop choices.

May Take:

Mastery Level 2 - Not worth it as the only power worth casting is Hammerhand and it's not worth 35 points to also allow you to activate a force weapon which won't effect the majority of enemies you come up against.

Incinerator - A bargain for 5 points and while it gives up the Grand Masters BS6 it replaces the storm bolter for a weapon with much more destructive power in its own right, a great addition for extra heavy weaponry to a terminator squad.

Psycannon - Have you seen this price tag? Why would you pay that much for a psycannon? Although it nearly guarantees 4 hits a turn it is still not worth the price tag as it's not guaranteed to kill the vehicles or infantry that it hits at S7 and will still allow armour saves to most heavily armoured enemies.

Halberd - Makes your Grand Master I7 so he can strike before those annoying Genestealers which tend to flank you and hit you before you can strike back, and for 5 points, a good choice.

Nemesis Warding Stave - A great way to keep your Grand Master alive and kicking at the forefront of the battlefield. A good choice if you have the points as there will be no doubt your Grand Master will be taking on the toughest of enemies.

Nemisis Daemon Hammer - 3 S8 Attacks are hard to turn down, especially when they can be S10 with Hammerhand, a good choice which is very versatile, but does give up the 3+ inv in close combat given by the nemisis force sword.

Blind Grenades - Keeps you Grand Master alive as it reduces one of the S8+ Attacks that could cause instant death if you are charged and at 5 points, what's not to like?

Orbital Strike Relay - Very expensive and while it can deal a lot of damage is very unreliable. It will always scatter so you're most likely going to have to aim in prediction of where it is going to land.

Rating: Competitive


One of the, If not the, best HQ Choices in the Codex. The ways he can bolster several of your units on the battlefield is incredible and he is cheaper than his SM counterpart (Epistolary with Terminator armour) He can perform any role on the battlefield from providing close combat buffering to teleporting friendly troops choices onto objectives. Most Grey Knight Terminator armies will include a librarian.

Psychic Powers:

Dark Excommunication - Not Versatile enough as only works on Daemons and would still not be necessary enough to take. Only for the fun lists.

Might of Titan - Giving your unit that extra D6 Armour Penetration, yes, your whole unit, not just the librarian, and the +1 strength can never fail to come in handy as you can combine it with Hammerhand, one of the most useful powers to take and one shouldn't take a Librarian without it.

Quicksillver - A great power which can be used to ensure that your attacks will get to strike before the enemy, goes great with Falchion units and even units of Henchmen which will make sure they get to attack before the units that are more agile such as Space Marines or Genestealers.

Sanctuary - A great power which can be combined with the shrouding during the enemies turn as you can cast 2 psychic powers per player turn, and for 5 points, what's not to like about forcing your enemy to take difficult and dangerous terrain when they try to assault you?

Smite - There are so many better powers to take, so why take this one? A nice AP value but the strength value does not make it the most reliable power in the world and you still have to roll to hit, I would find a place to better spend the points for this.

The Shrouding - A great power which can be used to benefit infantry and vehicles alike, can give Vehicles a 3+ cover when combined with smoke and can make both power armoured grey knights or Henchmen alike become really durable when holding objectives in a 4+ cover area terrain, a must have for a librarian

The Summoning - A more conditional power than a must have, but for 5 points a bargain nonetheless. The best way to take this power is ensuring all vehicles are kitted out with a warp stabilization field but this makes the power more expensive and is not always worth it as the points value stacks up.

Vortex of Doom - A good power, but short range and failing this test can really put some hurt on the librarian and his unit, and can even kill the librarian and his unit, a very destructive power but too risky for my liking.

Warp Rift - Initiative Tests are always good to deal out as they are effective against most armies, and not only that the power also inflicts Auto Penetrating Hits on vehicles. The fact that this power is so versatile and so cheap makes this one of the best powers to take.

May Take:

Mastery Level 3 - The price tag is a bit on the expensive side, 2 Psychic powers per player turn should be enough, but it can still be a great upgrade nonetheless if you can get Quicksilver, Might of Titan and Hammerhand off in a single assault phase, just ensure you kit your Librarian with a good Invulnerable Save.

Nemesis Warding Stave - An essential upgrade if you have the points. The amount of psychic powers the Librarian will cast in close combat will not only make this a good defence against perils but also keep him alive against power fists and the like to avoid instant death and keep him buffering your units.

Nemesis Daemon Hammer - You really want a good inv save in combat with your librarian and this doesn't cut it, however it's hard to turn down a S10 Hammer that has 2D6 Armour Penetration.

Digital Weapons - A nice upgrade but not a must have, the 5 points could be better spent on another psychic power.

Empyrean Brain Mines - The 10 points could be better spelt elsewhere, although these can come in handy against the larger Tyranid Monsters and other slower enemies.

Rating: Competitive

Brother Captain:

This guy doesn’t really give enough to be classed as an on the table contender in this codex, there are so many better options to take such as a Librarian or Inquisitor and for an extra 25 points you can upgrade your Brother Captain to a Grand Master and get the Grand Strategy rule which is a bargain. Don’t look to take this guy unless you’re looking for a fluffy list.

Incinerator - Another bargain curtsey of Mr Ward, a S6 Heavy Flamer which not only reduces the cover saves on enemies but also reduces FnP on T3 enemies which comes in handy considering those annoying Gaunts or Wyches which would normally recieve FnP from Heavy Flamers.

Psycannon - Again the price of this weapon is just staggering, yes it nearly averages 4 hits a turn but there are better places to spend your points.

Rad Grenades - A good buffer which can work wonders for your Brother Captain and the Unit he is in when combined with hammerhand, a good choice to take which will be useful against all enemies.

Servo Skulls - A great way to restrict your enemy from getting into key locations early in the game, prevents scout moves and infiltrators and are really handy for the price you pay.

Rating: Casual

Brotherhood Champion:

Coming in at a decent 100 points, you may be looking at the fact that this HQ only has one wound. But don’t be deceived, he is well worth what he brings to the table, while not as bolstering as a Librarian he still delivers quite a punch when he makes the unit he’s in get re-rolls to hit on the turn they assault, he works very well with Purifiers in a Land Raider. As well as that in combat he will get to choose between a variety of options, he can try to hold out a turn re-rolling his 2+ save and 4++ which works will if you want to make full use of his rerolls for several different combats. D3 +1 attacks on the charge at I10 against a MC or a Independent Character can work well with re-rolls to hit and wound on the charge, the difficult part would be to choose between activating the force weapon or waiting to see if he dies to try to remove a model from play. This guy is definitely worth it in a Purifier army.

May Take:

Digital Weapons - This had to be nominated in a class of it's own, the turd class, as it is completely worthless, be sure to read the Brotherhood Champion's special rules to understand why.

Empyrean Brain Mines - A good way to keep the Brotherhood Champion alive which will be able to make full use of his re-rolls for several separate combat phases.

Rating: Semi Competitive

Ordo Hereticus/ Ordo Malleus:

A cheap HQ which can still be effective at Lower Points games if kitted out with the hammerhand psychic power which links well with a squad of grey knights or simply your making your henchmen squad that much stronger. They can be given some nice weapons which can bolster the effectiveness of your unit, although you won’t see many of these as the Xenos inquisitor is that much better thanks to Rad Grenades.

May Take:

Inferno Pistol - 10 Points for a decent weapon which could be the difference between charging the vehicle or it's contents when used in a unit with Death Cult assassins, a nice price and can easily make up it's points cost due to the melta special rule if it can get close enough.

Combi Weapon - 10 Points is a decent price for a Combi Weapon and although at BS4 can get your unit out of danger at times, the Melta is the best choice as it can take out a vehicle for your unit to assault it.

Daemonblade - An unreliable choice but can benefit your Inquisitor heavily, however it is rarely a power weapon and that's what can make the difference between wounding the enemy and not wounding them.

Nemisis Daemon Hammer/Thunder Hammer - Makes your Inquisitor a decent Close Combat contender and when combined with Hammerhand enables him to Instant Death T4 Enemies. A nice choice for a nice price.

Null Rod - Too pricey and only inflicts instant death on psykers, it also restricts psychic powers from benefiting your unit and most Inquisitors will want hammerhand to buff their henchmen, steer clear from this choice.

Power Armour - A great way to keep the Inquisitor Alive that much longer and keep him buffering your units. An essential choice.

Psyocculum - Too conditional but can work great when linked with a unit of Jokaeros or even a unit of Psycannon Purgatators. A nice choice but I wouldn't recommend it.

Hellrifle - Too expensive for a single shot weapon at BS4 that restricts mobility on the wielder, most armies will have their Inquisitors more mobile and in the thick of the action with their Henchmen unit or with another unit for close combat buffering, best to avoid this choice.

Psyker Mastery Level 1 - A good choice, works great with a unit of henchmen, can make Death Cult assassins S5 with power weapons or even make Arco Flagellants S6 with their bucket load of attacks! A good choice and while 30 points will definitely be worth it for the benefits it gives the Inquisitor's unit.

Rating: Semi Competitive

Ordo Xenos:

One of the best HQ choices in the Grey Knight army when you compare price to effectiveness, works brilliantly with Death Cults or Purifiers if kitted on with Rad Grenades, and if you have the points to spend, why not give him Hammerhand too? 78 Points to give you unit a +2 Strength switch on T4 enemies if you get Hammerhand off as well as Rad Grenades if you charge the enemy, that means you have S5 Grey Knights against T3 Space Marines! A Bargain for the price and they belong on the table.

May Take:

Rad Grenades - A great choice, an absolute bargain for the benefits which it gives for both a henchmen unit or a standard unit of Grey Knights. It makes Death Cult assassins wound the majority of enemy infantry on a 3+ and even wounds T3 armies on a 2+ without the use of hammerhand, and all for a cheap price tag and can be used over and over again in different combats.

Needle Pistol - A bit pricey for a single shot weapon at BS4, it can take a wound off a Monstrous Creature when needed but there are better ways to spend the points.

Scythian Venom Talon - While this is a poisoned 2+ weapon it's not a power weapon and most monstrous creatures will get an armour save against it, this Inquisitor is not kitted out as a close combat beast himself, but rather to buffer friendly models in combat.

Psychotroke Grenades - A nice way to benefit your squad further if you have the points, I wouldn't say it's essential but a good choice nonetheless.

Power Armour - A great way to keep the Inquisitor Alive that much longer and keep him buffering your units. An essential choice.

Conversion Beamer - A bit on the pricey side but can go well with Terminator armour, but that makes it even more pricey. Try to steer clear of this choice.

Rating: Competitive


Even though he is a staggering 275 points, he is well worth it, The infamous ‘Draigowing’ players will tell you that he is a bargain for what he does. Making Paladins Troop and still coming with Grand Strategy makes this HQ a truly fearsome one, lists are nearly always built around this HQ being accompanied by several units of Paladins and Dreadnoughts which can also be able to capture objectives when needed. The fact that he can make troops choices become so hard to kill with allocation differences and 2 wounds each with the possibility of FnP makes him an essential figure in a Grey Knight Terminator army.

Rating: Competitve


An awful HQ when you look at his rules, but the fact that Mr Ward made him able to give you purifiers of troops gives him his rating. Purifiers is the only reason Crowe should be taken and be made full use of if he wants to be worth his 150 points.

Rating: Semi Competitive


A great choice when only 25 points more than a Grand Master for some neat wargear and extra rules. The First into the Fray rule works really well when put with a unit of Ghost Knights as you can put pressure onto the enemy early on. Still has Grand Strategy and with access to Ghost Knights making him a really durable HQ as the enemy won’t be able to single him out in close combat.

Rating: Competitive

Ghost Knights:

Definitely worth considering as removes this helps keep Mordrak alive and make the most of all of his rules. Pretty much a normal terminator squad minus the troops choice, the downsides to them as it will stop Mordrak using his first into the fray to benefit other units and they can’t benefit from the grand strategy to make them troops, otherwise they are quite an annoyance for the enemy as they can keep coming back when Mordrak gets wounded.

Rating: Semi Competitive


In no way shape or form worth 200 points for what he brings to the table, the only reason I could see this guy being taken is due to his Zone of Banishment power but even then it effects friendly models so it’s not the most reliable power. The strands of fate is a nice rule but it benefits the enemy as well, this guy is best left in your carry case.

Rating: Casual


100 Points for an Inquisitor with some neat rules and making Henchmen troops? Yes Please! The only issue that I have with this guy is that he doesn’t have an invulnerable save which doesn’t make much sense, surely if an IG Command Squad leader has a Refractor field then at least a Inquisitor that is of much higher importance should have one too? If you’re looking for a henchmen army this is the man to take, and even if you’re not he is worth a cheap HQ at his price. He can get off 2 powers a turn, nearly insure you get the first turn and can shoot other models if they arrive from reserve within 12”, Works nice with Jokeros, Purifiers and even Purgation squads if you’re looking for a fun list.

Rating: Competitive


200 Points with some Decent stats as the MC Multi Melta can really do some damage with relentless. But if you’re firing that then you won’t be able to fire the relay which is why he is at such a hefty fee. Although it doesn’t scatter, it’s not completely worth it IMO but this guy can definitely make his mark in fun games and especially against horde armies if you can get a unit to hold out for a turn or two.

Rating: Casual


Although she is kitted out with a lot of wargear which can be pretty neat, she is only S3 and she will really struggle against higher T enemies, Add to the fact that the Graviton Beamer as fairly unreliable as a 1 shot weapon which while needing to hit on 3’s can be the difference between killing the vehicle that maybe you were planning to assault. 140 Points really stands against what Inquisitors are there for which is a cheap HQ which can really bolster your unit. If you’re looking for an Inquisitor take Coteaz or Standard with Rad Grenades or Hammerhand.

Rating: Casual


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