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Grey Knight Tactica (Troops and Dedicated Transports)

Written by GoDz BuZzSaW

Hello and welcome to Part 2 of My Grey Knight Tactica, this section takes a look at the troops choices and the dedicated transport section, while there will not be alot to choose between from this section, This should give you an idea on what to take in your army.

Strike Squad:

The Strike Squad may have it's downsides, but they certainly bring a lot to the table. A Grey knight has Space Marine statline with a Power Weapon and a Storm Bolter as well as the complimentary Psyk-Out Grenades which go very well when up against Psykers such as Tyranid Hive Tyrants or even other Grey Knights. The Special Weapons may lack the range as with all of the Grey Knight wargear but they can deal out a punishing rate of fire in their own right. While 20 points may be expensive for a model with 1 Attack, a power weapon wielding troops choice that really is the jack of all trades is something hard to turn town.

The Strike Squad May Take:

Psycannon - A 24" Range Autocannon that has the rending special rule, 2 Shots if you move and 4 if you stand still, can deal wounds on infantry and Monstrous Creatures and has the power to penetrate even the mighty Land Raider, Whats not to like?

Incinerator - While a very punishing gun against horde armies and even capable of wounding SM's on a 2+. The short range of this gun and the price make the Psycannon the preferred weapon of choice, but nevertheless a good choice to take

Psilencer - A heavy weapon that's only S4 and has a crap ability, no way worth it even if it is free, keep the storm bolter.

Halberd - A nice addition to the unit ensuring they will strike before most enemies at I6 making the most of their single attack, the only downside is that it makes your basic troops 25 points per model and the one attack means they don't pack much of a punch for the price you pay.

Nemisis Daemon Hammer - 10 Points each is just a waste but a must have for the Justicar, take one for the Justicar and the Justicar only and make sure it's Master Crafted, you need that hammer to hit when you're up against vehicles or MC's.

Falchion - 30 Points per model for 2 Attack Troops? no way worth the price and you can take double the Strike Squads once you paid for 2 Squads of Falchions.

Psybolt Ammunition - A great upgrade which makes your Storm Bolters more powerful, makes them average around 8 wounds a turn from 16 Storm Bolter shots, a good upgrade for the points but only take it if you're having the full squad of 10.

Rating: Competitive

Terminator Squad:

GK Terminators have never been better thanks to being a troop choice and now being at a respectable point cost like their other SM counterparts. The upgrades that can be given to them can make them a really effective unit which can really take some shifting from an objective thanks to allocation. Several Armies may be built around Terminators either in Stormravens or Footsloggers with a Librarians or Grand Masters, An essential choice for retro GK players.

May Take:

Psycannon - While the most expensive special weapon to take it is worth every point as it pumps out all 4 shots every turn thanks to the terminators relentless special rule. A very fearful weapon which comes in addition to their Combat weapon of choice unlike the one for the Power Armoured Grey Knights.

Psilencer - In no way shape or form worth the points you pay, even though Terminators have relentless, avoid at all costs.

Incinerator - A bargain to give your terminators some greatly needed Anti Horde firepower, Cheap and Very Effective.

Nemisis Daemon Hammer - While it lowers your Inv in CC to a 5+ the benefits it gives is definatley worth it, 2 attacks with a hammer is going to deal damage to Infantry and Vehicles alike, and with Hammerhand it will be striking at S10 as opposed to S8

Halberd - A great choice which makes sure your Terminators strike before most units in the game with their attacks which vitally helps keep them alive with less attacks being directed on them when the enemy strikes.

Falchions - 5 Points to give your Terminators 3 attacks each is hard to turn down, especially when these attacks may be at S5, a good choice to take unlike the Strike Squad Falchions.

Brotherhood Banner - It can come in handy when facing anti psyker armies which make you roll more dice such as Eldar and Tyranids but you'll probably be wanting to cast Hammerhand anyway so it won't be the most effective 20 points you've spent.

Rating: Competitive


The ever present Rhino has been made even more efficient for only an extra 5 points, now if it gets Stunned it can negate it on a psychic test at Ld10 to keep on moving and get it's unit to exactly where it needs to be, the hatch has also become even more effective at a range thanks to the psycannons being assault weapons. These tanks are essential in Strike Squad or Purifier armies. Rating: Competitive

May Take:

Searchlight - A point which is cheap as chips especially when considering in DoW games you can deploy in the middle of the board and then use the searchlight to allow the squad inside to fire and any other units which move on to punch out some firepower and pop the enemy vehicles early on.

Hunter-Killer Missile - Not worth it when a one shot only weapon hits on a 3+ and early in the game the tank will need to be moving fast to get into range so it might not be used before it gets destroyed.

Dozer Blade - A great upgrade which for it's price nearly guarantees that your tank won't be immobilized by driving through cover, it's a great points filler.

Extra Armour - There are two reasons to avoid this, 1) It's a lot of points to the tank moving which defeats the object of a cheap transport and the Stunned Result is only 1/6 of all penetrating hits and 2) Fortitude does the job better, steer clear of this upgrade

Warp Stabilization Field - For 5 points you can allow a Librarian to transport your tank across the board, a bargain which can help in Objective games or get your unit out of a sticky situation


A great choice when running a MSU army, this tank has never been more popular, although in this codex it does compete with the Rhino though as Psycannons shooting from a hatch can sometimes be too good to turn down for purifier units. Fortitude really helps you to get the most out of this tank as although it can be penetrated easier than heavier tanks due to AV11 at the front and side it will make those Crew Shaken and Stunned Results can be ignored helping you to get full use out of the weapon you paid for.

May Exchange TL Heavy Bolter For:

TL Heavy Flamer - Not worth the points as the short range will cut the effectiveness as well as the tank only being able to move 6" and fire it anyway, it's not manoevrable enough and doesn't suit the role of the Razorback being both a transport and a support fire unit.

Lascannon and TL Plasma Gun - While it makes the Razorback more survivable as the opponent needs more WD or Immobilized results to kill it it's not the best choice as it can only fire one of the weapons if it moves 6". It does give the tank a bit of versatility but there are many better options to take, having said that, it is a good all-round Marine or Terminator killer if you can get both weapons in range.

TL Assault Cannon - 35 Points may be on the pricey side for a weapon that could be destroyed easily, but when combined with Psybolt Ammunition makes a really effective Infantry and Tank Hunter. This choice should definitely be considered if you have the points when taking a razorback.

TL Lascannon - Pricey, but Fortitidue helps it to be effecient enough to pop a tank when it's needed, however there are better options when selecting a Razorback but the much looked at TL Lascannon is still a contender.

May Take:

Storm Bolter - Not worth the points just to have an extra weapon on your tank, and then if psybolt ammunition is taken it will no longer count as a defensive weapon.

Psybolt Ammunition - 5 Points for one of the best upgrades in the codex, makes Heavy Bolters S6 and Assault Cannons S7 enabling them to becomes really efficient infantry and tank hunts for only and extra 5 points. A Must have if you're taking TL HB or Assault Cannon.

Truesilver Amour - Not Worth it considering the lack of Daemon Players out there and the fact that a single S6 hit on the majoirty of Psykers isn't going to do very much when they have a 3+ save.

Rating: Competitive

Inquisitorial Chimera:

A very reliable tank, AV12, 2 Weapons and a hatch that 5 models can shoot out of there's no doubting that this makes a reliable APC for an Inquisitor with Henchmen or even for Terminators which count as 2 models. Despite the Chimera not having fortitude, it is a competitive choice nonetheless with the AV12 at the front and the 12 model capacity meaning that a terminator choice with an Inquisitor can be transported effectively.

May Exchange Multi Laser With:

Heavy Bolter - Sacrificing a Strength Point for an AP point isn't always the best choice due to the number of mechanised armies in 40k, the S6 Multi Laser will be much more efficient as it will be able to take out enemy Rhinos or Razorbacks but for free the Anti Infantry HB with AP4 is never out of the question

Heavy Flamer - Sacrifices too much long range firepower and reduces versatility, a heavy flamer should be taken on the hull mounted weapon and the Turret should be left to something that can do damage from a distance.

May Replace Heavy Bolter With:

Heavy Flamer - A great choice as for free can swap 3 shots for 5 or 6 template hits. Makes this tank very versatile as once it transports it's unit to where it needs to be can act as valuable fire support.

Rating: Competitive


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