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Grey Knight Tactica (Unit Builds)

Written By GoDz BuZzSaW

Hello and Welcome to Part 7 of My Grey Knight Tactica, this section looks at the common builds for each unit in the Grey Knight Codex, which includes the best of the wargear and some builds that can also be quite effective in their own right. This Section covers all of the Units in the Grey Knight Codex that can be upgraded with wargear, from the Grand Master to the Nemesis Dreadknight. In this Unit Build section, prices for Transports will not be included in the unit build, it will solely focus on the wargear for that unit.

Grand Master/Brother Captain:

The Destroyer:

Grand Master 205

MC Hammer, 3 Servo Skulls, Incinerator

S8-10 Attacks at WS6 make sure that you should be destroying any walker that comes your way given you'll survive and any other vehicle on top of that to boot. The incinerator is a bargain and while it gives up the BS6 it does provide vital Anti horde that the Grey Knights obviously need.

The Walking Tank:

Grand Master 215

MC Force Sword, Incinerator, 3 Servo Skulls, Rad Grenades

Benefits him and his unit greatly and allows him to take out Monstrous Creatures whilst keeping a 3+ invulnerable in close combat as there is up to a 2 Point switch between Hammerhand and Rad Grenades, a Librarian is better for cheaper but this can be a good way to get more troops via the Grand Strategy whilst having a good HQ to boot.


Buff Meister:

Librarian 175

Might Of Titan, Quicksilver, The Shrouding, The Sanctuary, Warp Rift

A great character which can make your Grey Knights even better (If you didn't think they could get any better!) Can help in all sorts of situations from horde to vehicles where nearly all of the powers are a bargain, it's best to keep him with a force sword for his +1 invulnerable in close combat, but if you have the points then go for a Warding Stave and make sure you can keep him alive benefiting the unit for as long as he can!

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor:

The Malleus:

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor 103

2 Daemonblades, Power Armour, Empyrian Brain Mines, Hammerhand

A Very Fun Special Character and is suprisingly good on the tabletop, which is unlike Games Workshop, for 30 points you can give your inquisitor some extra neat special rules as well as him unlocking a unit of henchmen already, just pray for Eternal Warrior!

Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor:

The Hereticus:

Ordo Hereticus Inquistor 98

Inferno Pistol, Psyocculum, Power Armour, Hammerhand

I'm on the fence with this guy, I can see his uses but the Psyocculum will not be that useful all of the time, however it can really help when you have a Jokero army coming up against Grey Knights and some Tyranid and Space Wolf Armies. He would be nice fun but he's not one for Tournament style play.

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor:

The Xenos:

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor 93

Rad Grenades, Power Armour, Psychotroke Grenades, Hammerhand

Better than a Techmarine for a lot cheaper, gives a lot of wargear which benefits the unit he is with a lot for a bargain price, and what's better, he still grants you access to a henchmen unit!

Strike Squads:

Power Armoured Warfare:

Strike Squad 235

MC Hammer, 2 Psycannons

The best way to run them, similar to the Purifiers, they do a similar role but just aren't as good, nonetheless a Strike Squad are still a good troop choice and shouldn't be overlooked.

Razorback Squadrons:

Strike Squad 135

MC Hammer, Psycannon

Want Razorback Spam? Then look no further, this unit is the place to do it, it's the cheapest way to get a lot of troops on the table and fit in as many TL Heavy Bolters/Assault Cannons as possible! They can die very quickly so make sure you don't bail them out of the tank unless they can handle it!

Terminator Squads:

Titan's Indestructible Soldiers:

Terminator Squad 230

MC Hammer, 4 Halberds, Psycannon

This unit gives you everything you need in a good Ranged and Close combat choice, and best of all it's troops, I6 will help against horde and Power Weaponed marines ensuring you strike before them and the Hammer and Psycannon will work against heavy infantry and vehicles alike, and all these weapons can cut marines open with ease.


The 'Rhino':

Rhino 40

The Basic Build, No Upgrades needed, additional upgrades make the vehicle too expensive for what it's there for, to transport and protect units, the only upgrades really worth considering are Dozer Blade and Warp Stabilization Field. No need for extra armour (why pay 15 points if you have Fortitude!)


'Psycannon' Razorback:

Razorback 85

TL Assault Cannon, Psybolt Ammunition

The Pysbolt Assault Cannon is one of the most destructive upgrades for the Razorback and is definitley one worth looking at, the only drawback is the range which means if the tank gets immobilzed early in the game it may find it's 40 point upgrade worthless.

'Psybolt' Razorback:

Razorback 50

TL Heavy Bolter, Psybolt Ammunition

The Cheapest and arguably the most Versatile and effective form of the Razorback, 36" Range and S6 means that it is capable of taking down Infantry and Light Vehicles alike, and It's a nice cheap 50 point transport for your unit.


The All-Rounder:

Chimera 55

Multi Laser, Hull Mounted Heavy Flamer

This gives you a nice build where both anti horde and light vehicle are combined and the mix of range makes it versatile to suit where it's unit is going to be on the table.


The 10 Man Cleansing Squad:

10 Purifiers 300

MC Hammer, 4 Psycannons, 5 Halberds

The Unit that is a real threat anywhere, at a range or in Close Combat, can rip almost any unit to shreds, will be included in a rhino for rapid redeployment and use of the hatch but it does waste 2 of the psycannons, it's my favourite unit as I hate MSU and won't fail to impress.

The Crowewing Trademark:

5 Purifiers 154

MC Hammer, 2 Psycannons, 2 Halberds

Always used with a Razorback with TL Heavy Bolters, Allocation means this small unit can go a long way provided they're not hit with any AP3 or lower fire. The amount of firepower this unit can dish out is staggering based on their model count.


Allocation, Allocation and More Allocation:

7 Paladins 560

MC Hammer, 2 Psycannons, 1 with MC Halberd, Other with Halberd, Apothecary, Brotherhood Banner, 1 MC Halberd, 1 Warding Stave

Works Brilliantly in Draigowing lists, it's really hard to kill this unit unless the enemy has a lot of S8 Low AP firepower like Dark Eldar for example, it is definitley worth it's points if it's in a Draigowing list, otherwise if they're not troops it's a bit of a waste as they take up a massive chunk of points.

Dreadnought/Venerable Dreadnought:


Dreadnought 135/195

2 TL Autocannons, Psybolt Ammunition

The Best Dreadnought load out and the Best source of Anti Tank by far, a must have in every army, most tournament gamers will say to never leave home without them!

Marine Buster:

Dreadnought 135/195

Plasma Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Psyflame Ammunition

2nd to the Psyrifleman, but a good choice if you don't want the uber competitive choice, it can kill in it's own right provided it can get close enough, although the lack of a drop pod is a problem.


The Bombardment:

Techmarine 149

Orbital Strike Relay, 3 Servo Skulls

I'm not a fan of Techmarines, but this is as good as it gets for them at a range. The Strike Relay is pretty unreliable but the Servo Skulls can make it better if you can get them close enough.

Grenade Techmarine:

Techmarine 150

Rad Grenades, Warding Stave, Empyrian Brain Mines, Psychotroke Grenades

A great choice when added to another unit, you get the benefits of 3 grenades in one combat and the Warding Stave really helps keep him alive.


The All-Rounder:

Stormraven 205

TL Multi Melta, TL Plasma Cannon

The Most Versatile form of the Stormraven, and arguably the best, it is capable of killing tanks and infantry alike and will be able to transport a unit right into the thick of the action, just make sure several of these are taken to get the full benefits otherwise they will die easily.

Bolter Storm:

Stormraven 235

TL Multi Melta, TL Plasma Cannon, Hurricane Bolters

I'm not a fan, but it makes a nice gunboat, All of it's weapons will be able to fire when it moves 12" (1 Normal, 1 PoTMS plus Hurricane Bolters) which makes for a lot of firepower, again needs to be taken in bunches or not at all.


The Late Objective Gamechanger:

10 Interceptors 295

MC Hammer, 2 Psycannons

The best way that they should be taken, 5 is too little and they will die quickly, they will be able to jump around and give the psycannon a 36" patrol area and they can always bring some early pain to a vehicle by shunting to the flank and getting a better chance of penetrating.

Purgatation Squad:

The Psychic Storm:

Purgatation Squad 190

MC Hammer, 4 Psycannons

My Favourite Build for Purgatators, this for me is how they should be, the problem is their price and their lack of range, the best way to use this unit is give them a Psycannon Razorback and that way you can get up to 20 shots once the unit is in position. But that brings the total of the unit to a whopping 275 points which could be better spent elsewhere, nonetheless a fun unit.

The Cleansing Flame:

Purgatation Squad 110

MC Hammer, 4 Incinerators

WOW, 4 Incinerators for free, makes for a bargain Anti horde unit which can work wonders when transported correctly and used when the time is right, and not only that, this unit is also capable of reducing marines to ashes, you can also assault the remains if you're lucky enough.


The Lean, Mean, Model Killing Machine!:

Dreadknight 265

Personal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator, Nemisis Greatsword

While Expensive it is a brilliant unit and will shine if used correctly, the enemy will focus a lot of firepower at it but if it manages to survive it is nigh on impossible to kill should it stay in combat for a turn. Works best in pairs.

Land Raiders:

The Godhammer:

Land Raider 270

Multi Melta, Psybolt Ammunition

Gives the LR another source of anti tank which can be combined well with PoTMS and upgrades the TL HB to S6 making it a more efficient killer.

The Redeemer:

Land Raider Redeemer 275

Multi Melta, Psybolt Ammunition, Psyflame Ammunition

The Psyflame isn't necessary but it does help in a lot of games, particularly against Plague Marines or other T5 enemies and when coming up against light vehicle heavy armies such as Dark Eldar.


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