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Hera's Hellcats - Necromunda Escher Gang

Hera's Hellcats

A Necromunda Escher Gang by insaniak.

This was my first Necromunda gang, started way back in the mid-90's when the game was all shiny and new. It's been added to over time (hence the rather striking disparity in the quality of the paintjobs in some cases) but the core of the gang has remained largely unchanged in all of that time.

Leader - Hera

Converted from the Heavy Plasma Gun Heavy model, with a few bits and pieces grabbed from all over the place. Hera has been the gang leader for the past 20 years, aside from a very brief spell when she was ousted by her previously trusted Heavy, Agnes.

Heavy - Agnes

Standard Heavy model. Agnes has been the solid mainstay of the gang, wielding her oft-underestimated Heavy Stubber with deadly skill.

Gangers & Juves

My juves are all matched to a ganger model, so that the appropriate models can just be swapped in when they level up.


Standard Ganger and Juve models. Sonya is the gang's sniper... which means she invariably winds up with a whole bunch of close combat skills by halfway through any given campaign...


Standard Juve (and one of my favourite Games Workshop models of all time) and a slightly modified Ganger model (raised the left leg and a headswap). Chelsea is your typical frenzied redhead, charging in to the thickest action to make best use of that shotgun.


Standard Ganger model and a Juve converted from an iKore Void model. Jade is fairly boring - most of the gang don't even notice when she's not around.


Converted Warhammer Fantasy Witch Elf and iKore Celtos model for the Juve. Helga is a relative newcomer to the gang (she's only been around for a decade or so) but has quickly made her mark for her bloodthirsty approach and penchant for looming in a menacing fashion.


Standard Ganger model (unmodified version of the same model as Chelsea). I like shotguns.


Standard Ganger model. One half of my dedicated close combat team.


The other half of the close combat team. Same model as Sara, with a headswap, leg re-pose and the pistol swapped for a plastic Eldar chainsword. I've always loved this conversion, although my painting skills at the time really didn't do it justice.


A much more recent addition to the gang. Standard Ganger model.


Another more recent addition. iKore Void model with a Dark Eldar pistol holster added to her hip. Because every gang should have someone with an improbably large weapon.


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