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Hierarch Severius vs. the High Executioner, Schism Battle Report 2

My second game in the Schism Event was against Dave, who I think was also from the Rockford crew. He brought a well painted Protectorate of Menoth army that was magnetized inside his carry case (he used heavy duty bolts/screws to separate hard levels covered with flex steel and magnetized the bases of his models).


Dave's list.

Felix's Protectorate of Menoth Army Dave's Protectorate of Menoth Army

I lost several models due to depletion/attrition from my previous game, but on the whole I didn't lose too much. Some of it was due to myself Sacrificing models in order to read the Covenant of Menoth's first passage.

The Story


Severius, affectionately (and secretly) referred to by the other Protectorate of Menoth warcasters as "the Old Man", turned his head at the sound of the voice. It was the Hierophant assigned to him on this mission. He had performed admirably in their melee with Magnus. He had been contemplating the Will of Menoth.

"The High Executioner approachs with smokestacks open!"

This message broke him completely from his meditations.

Apparently, Servath Reznik was "displeased" with the Hierarch's performance on the field of battle, and so Severius would have to once more summon the faithful and wrack the heretic.


The Hierarch deploys, readying his Holy Zealots to face the warjacks, and his Idrian Skirmishers to handle the Temple Flameguard as the Huntsman unit attachment declares them to be the Idrians' chosen prey.

Servath Reznik uses his focus to run his warjacks forward, and his Allegiants of the Order of the Fist flank them to seize the flags held by the Hierarch's army. Rezniks' Holy Zealots run to cover the retreat made by the Temple Flameguard.

Severius puts Holy Ward on the Idrians and casts Courage of Faith for himself. His own Holy Zealots run to try to be in place to face the heavy warjacks while the Covenant reads Sacrifice, offering up five friendly models to Menoth.

The Idrians advance with an Intercept order and barely survive a Firebombing from the Holy Zealots (1 or 2 die).

Reznik's Allegiants sneak up the table all fast and quick-like, trying to grab the invisible flag you don't see next to my opponent's area template. We did us a good job of hiding them flags!

The Idrians charge/intercept (I forget which) the running Crusader, and are unable to completely disable it.

And here the Cruader's friend, a running Guardian, arcs the spell Brand onto the Idrians.

Reznik's Holy Zealots firebomb the nearly crippled warjack, ending it in the process, and taking the rest of the engaged Idrians with it.

Severius dislikes the proximity of Reznik's Zealots and summons his feat, the Fires of Communion in order to try to eliminate their threat. It takes multiple attempts, but one of the controlled models finally manages to kill their Warpriest without killing the Monolith Bearer. Now the unit won't be able to benefit from protective or offensive prayers!

The Choir forget to sing Infuse and the three warjacks rush forward aided by only a single Vassal. The Repenter eliminates a few models and sets the survivors on Fire, and then the Vassal approaches and coaxes the warjack to do it again.

The Crusader tramples in, unsupported.

But the Zealots have enough room to circle around and toss bombs at Reznik, one even managing a critical hit and lighting him on Fire! And then when the Blessing of Vengeance approaches, Severius casts the Light of Truth and boosts Immolation spells at the so-called High Executioner.

Post Mortem

Dave and I had a fantastic chat during the game about breakfast food and how hungry we were.


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