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Home Made Space Marine Vehicles

Hello, I'm posting my home made Space Marine Vehicles i made over a year ago and they've been sitting around in my cupboard and haven't had time to paint them because i've been very busy. There's a Space marine Hornet based around a landspeeder transport Vehicle on the Rhino body, Raven shark Bomber- based around a Version of a Thunderhawk Gunship and My version of a Space marine Gunship Between the Thunderhawk and the new smaller version of the stormraven.

Hornet with twin-linked Lascannons, Twin-linked heavy bolters, Cylone missile launcher and smoke launchers.

Raven Shark with twin-linked Turbo laser Destroyers, Mega Auto cannon, 6x hell strike missles, twin-linked lascannon and 6x hell strike missiles.

Pegasus Gunship 2x twin-linked lascannons, twin-linked Heavy bolters,Twin-linked gatiling missile launchers and 4x hell stike missiles and i used 2 radio aerials instead of a pole to stand it up and all i do is slide it up and down on the fixed radio aerials.


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