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Imperial Guard Paint Schemes

Imperial Guardsmen come in all sorts of shapes and colors. The images and descriptions that follow feature some of the work from Dakka Users. Feel free to comment this article, edit your own scheme in, or visit the galleries of the pictures featured to comment and vote!


  • Images should be hosted on Dakka Dakka.
  • Any links should point only to the user galleries or army profiles.
  • Mainly stock models
  • Good lighting and clear paint schemes.
  • Paint schemes are part of a regular army.
  • User is known.
  • Please use the code below and preview the available categories before editing.

Thank you!

Code for including your Scheme

{| class="wikitable" |- valign="top" | Gallery Thumbnail Code | by [userprofileurl username] Information text about paint scheme |}


Truffle paints the visors of his blackclad guardsmen with purple.

Crablezworth's guardsmen have yellow trim to separate out all that black.

Hulksmash paints the uniforms and gunstocks black. A light blue trim separates the uniform, and the same blue colors the helmet and armor.


bd1085's 1st Ticon Division uses what looks like bone colors for both the uniform, a darker brown for the gun-stocks and 'camo' striping, and green for the webbing and packs.

Lunahound separates the earth tones of her Tallarn Imperial Guardsmen with alternating colors. A light bone-like color for the headwrap, a reddish brown for the tunic, and a darker brown for shoulders. The light green on the gun-stocks and pants contrast with this.


HiveFleet accents the dark gray/light gray scheme with hints of yellow detailing and what looks like freehand squad markings on the shoulder pads.

Sergeant_ZeroCool puts dark gray over the light gray with camouflage for effect.

RandyMcStab's Planetary Defense Force uses black and blue shoulderpads with dark green weapons as accents.


Hits_the_spot paints his Imperial guard in white with red trim and black armor pieces.

portugus Tan fatigues and metal armor mark this feudal army.

Primary Colors

Cosmic's guardsmen fend off Tyranids in their red armored pieces, blue uniforms and light brown satchels.


EndTransmission's infantry are a dirty, light mud colored (Devlan mud/sepia mix washed over white) cloth, Gharadon granite colored body armor and lasguns, with ochre helmets and left shoulder pad

EndTransmission's veterans and platoon command squads have charadon granite cloth and rifles, sepia armor (sepia wash over white) and ochre left shoulder pad

Shadow Guard's Guardsmen bear muted red armor over khaki uniforms and black gun-stocks.

Standard Issue

Flinty's Dunedin 51st Division use a mixture of Catachan Green, Graveyard Earth, Scorched Brown and Chaos Black for the main camo scheme.

tony_nids_10 stripes camo under the green armor.

Crazy Ivan camouflages the uniform part and gives the gas mask goggles a nice red color for effect.

Gordy2000 uses the standard issue military greens as an opportunity to use a camouflage pattern on the uniform.

Cosmic's guardsmen fend off Tyranids in their red armored pieces, blue uniforms and light brown satchels.

Ifalna's Kasrkin sergeant has muted camo on the armor pieces and a face that stands out from the armor.

Warsaw Tom's Valentine's Day Massacre GT army fields green uniforms with red or red/brown shoulderpads. Gunstocks remain black with metal detailing.


Mizeran basecoats the cloth in Fenris grey and washes with Asurmen blue and highlights with shadow grey and space-wolf grey. Wolf Grey make up the square patterns. Armor and weapons are painted in codex grey with darker areas in codex grey / black and a bit of black wash. Highlights with Fortress grey. .

WhiteWolf01's Storm-trooper uses light gray as the main color with a blue visor for contrast. The gun is entirely black, perhaps highlighted with metals.

Bear LaMorte camouflages his black armor pieces with gray triangles bordered with white, and uses pea-dot over gray uniforms.


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