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Inquisitorial Henchmen in 6th Edition Lists

Henchmen are the most versatile unit in all of 40k. This single unit has as much versatility as some codexes. Before you read this article, you should look at this article:

Henchmen in the 5th edition Grey Knight codex

The above article is an in depth review of how to build a unit of henchmen, the pros and cons of each type of henchmen and how Inquisitors and other characters can work
with the unit. For more of that type of information look at the above article

This article is going to be a look at the larger view. How do henchmen fit into various types of lists? What henchmen units are best given the rest of your army? I will not spend a
lot of space going over the individual units, but rather I will try to focus on the larger picture.

Henchmen in GK Lists

Henchmen can fill a lot of important gaps in a Grey Knight army list. Grey knights have a lot of S7-8 shooting, A lot of S4-5 shooting, however this shooting is mostly limited to 24" or less.
Grey Knights also have reasonable assault power with INT 6 halberds, Hammers, and some very durable units and characters.

Special Weapons

First off, henchmen can provide a platform for the standard imperial special weapons, mostly the Meltagun and Plasmagun. GK have access to template weapons, and Henchmen
do not have the best flamers, so they not really an option. Meltaguns are the hard counter to expensive, AV13-14 targets. They may not always see the most play, but when you only
have S7-8 shooting a Land Raider can be a bit scary. That being said, the new HP ruled for vehicles makes meltguns less of a necessity. Plasmaguns got a lot better this edition,
and Henchmen are some of the most cost effective Plasma Gunners around. while Gk have some rending firepower, they do not really have much else that is low AP. The henchmen
plasma guns can help to take down those last few TEQ or MEQ models to finish off those important units. Also, plasmaguns are reasonable against vehicles this edition as well.

Long Range Guns

Additionally, most GK shooting is at 24" or less. While this is not bad, it is not the longest range around. Henchmen can bring some longer range guns to bear. This can be through
lots of Razorbacks, or through Jokaero, Servitors, or Psyker henchmen. If you need long range shooting that is not just more Psy-rifle dreads, then henchmen are one of the best bets.

Cheap HQs

Grey Knight HQ choices are all rather expensive. If you want to spend fewer points on an HQ but still get something cost effective, then Inquisitors are a great option. Also, Inquisitors are
one of the cheapest Psykers around, and they have access to Divination, one of the best lores. Additionally, since Inquisitors have 3 wounds, it makes them one of the best protected
psykers against perils of the warp. There is a lot of specialized equipment that inquisitors can bring to the table as well. They can be good in Close combat, Shooting, or both.

Close Combat

Henchmen and Grey Knight deal damage in a similar way in close combat. Lots of high Strength attacks at Int 6 with AP3. However Henchmen bring a few things to table that GK do not have.
First off is AP2 close combat. DCA Have axes and swords (usually) so they are not giving up their INT 6 for AP2, they only do that when they need to. Also, GK have reasonable INV saves in
close combat, but Henchmen can bring a large number of Storm Shields to bear.


If you want to run a large number of fast attack or heavy support units in low point games, then henchmen (made into troops by Coteaz) are the way to go for troops. (If you want more elite
choices, then you can simply take a special character for that, and your elites become scoring as well.) Massed Razorback henchmen are probaby less good in 6th ed, but they are still a
way to put 6-12 troop choices on the board with transports for an absurdly low amount of points. You could also do a Chimera Transport swap so your Terminators get cheaper rides as well
that they can shoot psycannons out of

Unit examples for GK lists

1) 3 Acolytes in a HB-Psybolt Razorback
Points: 62

This unit was included in almost every 5th ed tournament GK list. in 6th edition it has lost some power, but it is a troops unit and 36" range shooting for almost free.

2) 3 Acoltyes with meltaguns, various types of meatshields, in a Chimera
Points: depending on meatshields ~100 to 200 points.

While AV14 is not the most common thing around, this unit is a rather hard counter to it. Other anti AV 14 options are Storm Ravens and the vindicare assassin.

3) 3 servitors with Plasma Cannons, 5 acolytes with bolters joined by an inquisitor with a Hellrifle and Divination
Points: 155

Longer range shooting and a lot of AP2. This also is a good unit to sit on an ADL and fire its gun while your GK move up the field to deal with infantry.

4) 5 Death Cult Assassins, 5 Crusaders, joined by a Xeno Inquisitor with Divination, Rad and Psyko grenades. Mounted in a Storm Raven
Points: 440

While it is not a cheap unit, it is not bad for a Deathstar and an assault vehicle. It also covers your mandatory HQ choice as well, so no need for an expensive Librarian or Grand Master.

Henchmen with Allies

The GK army has no codex with which they are Battle Brothers. As such they do not make the best allies. Instead of being integrated in to their ally, they will function as a separate force that
will fill a gap in the allied force

Also, Henchmen are not naturally a troops unit. As such, if you want to include them in your allied force you need to take Coteaz to make them troops or take one of the standard GK troops units.

Overall, Henchmen make poor allies, but this is countered by the fact that they are very customisable, so you can take exactly the unit and weapons your list is lacking.

Space marines [all types]

Ally type: Convenience

Much of what is said earlier about the GK codex is true about space marines as well. Space marines are generally good with melta and flamer weapons, so the allied henchmen can bring
the plasmaguns which is what they are best at. Also high INT combat and cheap storm shields, though TH/SS terminators are still very good in combat as well. However, if you want to add
a Storm Raven to your force, then henchmen are a good unit to ride inside of it. Lastly you can bring many psykers with divination, but you cannot use those powers on your ally.

Unit Examples: 1) 5 Death Cult Assassins, 5 Crusaders, joined by a Xeno Inquisitor with Divination, Rad and Psyko grenades. Mounted in a Storm Raven
Points: 440 pts

With this units, you would still need to ally in some kind of troops unit to go with it (probably a strike squad). This unit gives you Flyer, which some books do not have access too, and a
reasonably powerful close combat unit as well. It is however a big investment once you include a GK troops unit as well. Probably only for larger points values.

2) 3 warrior acolytes with Plasmaguns, 1 Crusader, 5 daemonhosts joined by Coteaz, mounted in a Chimera

This is my preferred way to run Plasmagun henchmen, but I know it is a bit controversial. This unit includes an HQ and troops so it could be your entire ally package. You have a cheap
LV2 psyker with a 2+ save, 3 wounds, and a decent close combat weapon. I like the added durability of the Daemonhosts, and the occasional utility of their shooting powers. Overall, this
is a way to include more plasmaguns into your list, without giving some easy kill points. Depending on your list, taking out the extra wound catchers might not be needed.

Imperial Guard

Ally Type: Convenience

Henchmen are very similar to guardsmen in a lot of ways. Most of the shooting that henchmen can do, the guard can do with their own units, and have the added benefit of orders.
Combat henchmen would fill a gap in IG lists. IG can fight in combat, though they grind down the enemy with big stubborn units. The Henchmen can provide a unit that is less durable,
but much more deadly as well.

Unit Examples

1) 5 Death Cult Assassins, joined by Coteaz mounted in a Razorback with TL Assault Cannon and Psybolt ammo
Points: 260

This unit has lost a lot of power in 6th edition. Combat units in non-assault vehicles is not great, especially if they only have a 5++ save. Coteaz can stand in the front of the unit and take
some hits on his 2+ save, but this is very risky. This unit will deal a ton of damage on the charge with Coteaz's spells buffing the unit, but you may find that it is hard to get it to combat.
You could tie up a unit with a large blob of guardsmen, and then have this unit charge in later to finish it off, preventing overwatch damage.

2) 5 Death Cult Assassins, 5 Crusaders, lead by a Xeno Inquisitor with Rad Grenades and Psyker upgrade in a Land Raider Crusader
Points: 487

First off, this is an expensive unit, especially including the fact that you need a GK troops unit as well. I think the Land Raider is a decent choice here as IG can put down a lot of AV 14 threats
which could overwhelm the enemy. This is especially true in 6th edition where many people have been swapping their Meltaguns for Plasmaguns. It does not really fit with the IG play style
however. This is an aggressive unit that wants to end the game on the other side of the board. In most guards lists, this unit would be left unsupported and isolated as they tend to hang back
or control the midfield. It does give IG a very powerful close combat unit, but the points sunk into this unit might be better spent on more shooting.


Ally Type: Convenience

Eldar are not a good ally choice for henchmen. Eldar already have specialized units that can fill any of the roles that the henchmen could do. Also, runes of warding is a very powerful piece
of wargear for the Eldar. This would shut down any inquisitors or psyker henchmen you bring as well as the enemy.

Unit examples:

None really come to mind. Leave an example in the comments if you have something.

Dark Eldar

Ally Type: Desperate

The desperate allies rules makes this a bad match to begin with. Dark eldar can do high INT combat and also massed special weapons fire as well. Henchmen could bring some long
range blast weapons to the table in the form of Psykers or PC servitors, but they are not really needed. Also, DE do not have any psykers, so this would be a way to include one in your list,
but an allied Eldar psyker is a much better inclusion due to the Battle Brother ally rules and Runes of Warding.

Unit examples:

None really come to mind. Leave an example in the comments if you have something.


Ally Type: Desperate

While there are a number of roles that the henchmen could fill in an ork list (meltaguns, high INT combat, long range shooting), the desperate ally rules makes this not a good match. Orks
generally have large or expensive units and will cover much of the table. It will be hard for the henchmen to stay 6" away from any ork unit while still being relevant to the battle. Having a large
or expensive unit loose its turn due to the presence of their desperate ally may out weigh any benefit that henchmen could bring, especially when orks can ally with IG, who can fill a number
or the same roles as the henchmen could, but with better ally rules.

Unit examples:

None really come to mind. Leave an example in the comments if you have something.

Henchmen as the Entire List

First off, to run a list that is entirely (or mostly) Henchmen, you will need to take Inquisitor Coteaz. You will not be sorry. I would argue that he is one of the most cost effective characters around.

In the shooting phase he is a monster. S4 AP- Assault D6!?! AMAZING! Actually what he does is take cost effective shooting units and makes them even better. The signature spell of the
divination lore gives a unit re-roll to hit. The lower your BS is, the more effective it is giving a unit re-roll to hit. With BS3 and large numbers of special weapons, henchmen really benefit from
getting a re-roll to hit with normal shooting. Now think about all the times you will snap fire as well. Re-rolled snapfire is nearly 2 times as effective as normal snapfire. By giving a unit re-roll
to hit, he adds a lot of power to their shooting, and he still has a second spell that could provide a relevant shooting buff too.

Also, in the shooting phase he can add a lot of durability to a unit of henchmen. He has 3 wounds with a 2+ save. You can put him in the front of a unit and use his 2+ save for all of the bolters,
then LOS anything else onto the grunts. This is however risky as he is only T3. Do not do this if there are a lot plasmaguns around, as he will die. You can also use this same tactic when your
transport explodes or when you are in close combat as well.

He is surprisingly effective in the Assault phase as well. He has a 2+ save. Most close combat weapons that are AP 2 usually are striking at INT 1 [except for Necrons]. This means that
Coteaz has a decent chance to get to swing in combat, against most enemies. When he swings he deals a significant amount of damage as well. He is only WS4, but does get re-rolls
and 3 attacks base. He then has a S6 AP2 force weapon. Against an enemy with an AP 3 weapon, Coteaz has a decent chance to win that assault. Against someone with a Power AX
(S5 AP2 INT1) he may take a couple wounds, but could take them out before dieing. Against powerfists (S6+ AP2 INT1) he will probably die, but can take the enemy with him. For a 100 pt
character that is not bad.

Also, he buffs his unit is close combat, not only with re-rolls and his 2+ save, but also with leadership. He is LD 10 and stubborn. This means you can take on a unit of marines and grind
them out. You may loose the combat, but you will stick around. Coteaz will deal a few wounds each round of combat, and probably win. Also, by loosing the combat, you deny the enemy
marines the chance to use their combat tactics to retreat and shoot you. You can loose combat on your turn, then take saves on coteaz and win combat on the enemy turn, so you get the first
chance to shoot and then charge back in the assault.

I think he is best served going into a large unit of henchmen with plasmaguns. The plasmaguns need the re-rolls to prevent get's hot damage. The unit can very effectively take control of the
middle of the board with their shooting power. If enemies close in, then Coteaz gives the unit some assault power as well.

Pros and Cons of Henchmen Army lists

Cheap troops
High Special weapon density on your troops
Powerful close combat options as troops
Overall high damage output
Most versatile unit in the game as troops [build MSU to deathstar out of one unit]
You generally have lots of scoring units

Generally high in kill points [transports and IC's]
Can have low durability units [though you can make a very tough unit if you want]
Henchmen do rely on transports [They have some of the best ones, but they did get a bit nerfed in 6th ed]
Can be difficult to write lists [lots of options for units, lots of wargear choices, odd point values to fill]

The lists presented below are not meant to be the ultimate, competitive Henchmen army lists. I do not intend for people to exactly copy these lists. Rather, I will try to show you a
number of different ways that henchmen can make a cohesive army. The lists will be colored by my personal preferences and metagame.

If you have a list that you think would be helpful for other players to see, I would gladly accept your help. Feel free to add it to this article or to the comments. All I ask is that we try
to maintain a consistent format and not post point values for individual units.

Low point lists (Under 1000)

500 pts: Shooty




Henchmen 8x Acolytes with bolters, 3x Acolytes with plasma Chimera ML/HB

Henchmen 8x psykers, 1x Acolyte


Dreadnought 2x Autocannons, Psybolt ammo

This is a pretty basic Henchmen list for a 500 pt game. At low points, assault based henchmen will be difficult to get to work, as they generally need larger squads and expensive
assault vehicles to get them going. In this list you have some decent rate of fire shooting with the Dreadnought, a low AP large blast from the psykers and then the plasma gunners
and Coteaz. The psykers at low point levels are less likely to meet hard anti-psyker wargear and their shooting attack is good against pretty much anything. The plasma gunners will
move into the mid field, take out some marines with their shooting and then Coteaz can hammer anyone who is left as needed. All of your units can move at least 6" without loosing
shooting ability allowing you to kite away from assaulty armies, or move into better firing positions.

500 pts: Spam List




Henchmen 3x Acolytes with Plasmaguns
Razorback TL HB, Psybolt ammo

Henchmen 3x Acolytes, 2 with meltaguns
Razorback TL HB, Psybolt ammo

Henchmen 3x Acolytes, 2 with Meltaguns
Razorback TL HB, Psybolt ammo

Henchmen 3x Acolytes, 1 with flamer
Razorback TL HB, Psybolt ammo

Henchmen 3x Acolytes, 1 with flamer
Razorback TL HB, Psybolt ammo

Basically, this is the sort of list you can write with henchmen, though many opponents will not want to play you again. I do not think that this list is an strong as people think, but it is
very annoying. You have 5 tanks and loads of special weapons for a 500 point game. However, you have a very limited ability to hold objectives out of your tanks. 3 guardsmen will
die very quickly to any return firepower. You only have LD 8 which is not the best either, when one person falling is enough to cause a LD test and 2 puts you below half. The list
speaks for itself, it is a lot of vehicles and you opponent can either kill them or not. It is difficult to grow a list like this without including Grey Knight units as well. If you want to run only
henchmen, this only works in low point games.

This is not really a list unto itself, but rather a 500 point block you can add to another list. If you are running a Paladin Deathstar, you have a big durable socring unit. You need target
saturation and smaller scoring units to support it. In that case,adding something like the above might be a powerful option.

750 pts: Mixed



Inquisitor Hellrifle, Power Armor, Psyker


Henchmen 3x Plasma Cannon servitors, 9x Acolytes with bolters

Henchmen 6x daemonhosts, 3x Acolytes with plasma guns
Chimera ML, HB

Henchmen 2x Crusaders, 4x Death Cult Aassassins
Razorback TL Assault Cannon, Psybolt Ammo


Dreadnought 2x Auto, Psybolt ammo

This list is a little larger, and it essentially tires to include a bit of everything at a low points value. Coteaz will probably go with the plasma gunners in the Chimera and they will
control the middle of the board. The Inquisitor with the Hell rifle and the Plasma Cannon Servitors go together to form your firebase, along with the Dreadnought.

I think that the Death Cult Assassin unit is not very good without an assault transport, but it is the only way to fit in a close combat unit in a low point game. Basically, I think you
should not include a unit like this in your list, but I present it here so you can try it out for yourself to see why.

Medium point lists (1000 to 2000)

1000 Pts: Shooty



Inquisitor: Hellrifle, Psyker, 3x skulls


Henchmen: 2x Jokaero, 3x Acolytes with Plasmaguns, 6x Acolytes with Bolters
Chimera: ML/HB Light

Henchmen: 3x Acolytes with Plasmaguns and Carapace, 3x Acolytes with Bolters
Chimera: ML/HF Light

Henchmen: 3x Acolytes with Plasmaguns and Carapace, 3x Acolytes with Bolters
Chimera: ML/HF Light

Henchmen: 3x PC Servitors, 7x bolters

Henchmen: 5x Psykers, 1x Acolyte

HEAVY Dreadnought: 2x TL-autocannons, Psybolt Ammo, Light

FORTIFICATION Aeigis Defense Line: Lascannon

Another example of a shooting list. This one has a bit more of a long range shooting focus. The Jokaero, Dread, Servitors, Psykers, and Chimera all have 36"
range or more. You can set up behind the Aegis line and fire away while in cover. The Jokaero unit is built to take advantage of all of the benefits on the table.
Range is great on the Plasmaguns, Rending is good on the bolters, and the extra durability is always helpful. Coteaz will probably join this unit to give it a re-roll
to hit from the divination lore. The smaller Plasma Gun units have a bit shorter range, so they will be advancing into the middle of the map. Their Chimeras
have Heavy Flames to take care of any horde units. They also have Carapace armor to help them survive any Get's Hot rolls as well.

1250 Pts: Multiple Single Psykers



Inquisitor: Terminator armor, Psycannon. Psyker, 3x skulls


Henchmen: 6x bolter, 3x plasma, 1x psyker
Chimera: ML/HB, Light

Henchmen: 6x bolter, 3x plasma, 1x psyker
Chimera: ML/HB, Light

Henchmen: 6x bolter, 3x plasma, 1x psyker
Chimera: ML/HB, Light

Henchmen: 6x bolter, 3x Melta, 1x psyker
Chimera: ML/HB, Light


Storm Raven: AC, MM


Dreadnought: 2x Auto, psybolt, light

Dreadnought: 2x Auto, psybolt, light

This list is here to present an alternative tactic for psyker henchmen. You can run them as a unit of their own and get a powerful and versatile shooitng attack.
Alternatively, you can run them as seen in this list, as multiple single psykers. The damage from each blast is not that great, but you get 4 per turn. You can fire
them as you move up with the rest of your units as the chimeras have plenty of fire points. One of the disadvantages to running a lot of special weapon henchmen
like above, is that you are weak against horde units. You have high SRT and good AP, but not many shots. The single psykers are a way to help add more damage
against horde units. Also, even against MEQ or TEQ units, 4 S3 blast will deal some damage, and you did not invest a lot of points to get them.

The rest of the list was built off of that core. The henchmen have mostly plasma guns as they are the most versatile, but one set of melta is included for AV 14. Coteaz
and the Psycannon inquisitor can buff whatever units you feel are the most important, though it will usually be 2 of the plasma units. The dreads are there to add more
mech saturation and additional long range firepower. The storm raven is good against enemy flyers and can take out other key targets as well. Some servo skulls
are included for general utility and reduced scatter on the psykers and the Mind Strike Missiles.

1500 pts: Assaulty


Inquisitor: Rad Grenades, Psyker

Techmarine: Rad Grenades

Henchmen: 5x DCA 5x Crusaders

Henchmen: 5x DCA 5x Crusaders

Henchmen: 5x DCA 4x Crusaders

Land Raider Crusader: Psybolt Ammo, Multi-Melta

Land Raider Crusader: Psybolt Ammo, Multi-Melta

Land Raider Redeemer: Multi-Melta

I am not going to say that the above list is good. It is not really bad either. It is inconsistent, and dependent on the enemy list.

Are Land Radiers good? 6th edition has moved people away from the meltagun and toward the plasmagun. With AV11 and 12 flyers, having more S7 shots
(Maybe with Skyfire) has moved people away from the S8-9 shots from 5th edition (missile and Las/Plas Razorbacks). Maybe your opponent will not have
many good tools to deal with AV14. On the other hand, the counter to AV14 are numerous. Melta, Haywire, Lance, and Gauss are all very cost effective ways
of dealing with your AV14.

Are Assault units good? 6th edition has moved most people away from assault for the most part, and to bigger units on foot. Assault units have the potential
to assault a big unit, win combat, and then sweeping advance them for huge victories. However, with overwatch you will take some damage. Also, you will
probably wipe out entire units when you charge, leaving yourself open to being shot up on the enemy turn. Additionally, there are some units which are
"un-assaultable". Flamers of Tzeench, Ork Burnas, or any other unit with a lot of template weapons will deal a significant amount of overwatch damage before
your unit hits.

This list has the potential for dominating victories against some lists, and crushing defeats against other lists.The question is: Are the lists this is good against
are more common in the current metagame than the lists this is bad against? Short answer: No, there are more lists that this is bad against.

Another variation on this list would use Storm Ravens instead of the Land Raiders. In the end the effect is the same. The enemy list will determine the outcome
of the game.

High point lists (Over 2000)

2500 pts: Svendrex's TAC list



Inq: Malleus: Terminator Armor, Psycannon, Psyker, 3x Servo Skulls

Inq: Xeno: Rad Grenades, Power Armor, psyker, 3x Skulls

Inq:Malleus: Hellrifle, Psyker



Techmarine: Rad Grenades, Blind Grenades


Henchmen: 5x Daemonhosts, 3x Acolyte with Plasmaguns, 1x Crusader
Chimera: ML, HB, Light

Henchmen: 5x Daemonhosts, 3x Acolyte with Plasmaguns, 1x Crusader
Chimera: ML, HB, Light

Henchmen: 8x psykers, 1x Acolyte
Rhino: Light

Henchmen: 8x psykers, 1x Acolyte
Rhino: Light

Henchmen: 3x crusaders, 5x Death Cultists

Henchmen: 3x crusaders, 5x Death Cultists

Henchmen: 3x Plasma Cannon servitors, 5x Acolytes with Bolters


Storm Raven: MM, AC

Storm Raven: MM, AC


DreadKnight: Heavy Psycannon

DreadKnight: Heavy Psycannon

Dreadnought: 2x TL Autocannons, Light


Aegis Defense Line: Icarus Lascannon

First off, the list is divided into 3 sections. There is a firebase that consists of long range shooting units. Next, there is a midfield force that consists of durable shooty units. Lastly,
there is an aggressive force that takes the fight to the enemy deployment zone. Overall, the list is based on having multiple units that can take out any threat and each unit being able
to deal damage to multiple types of units. This mean for any enemy unit I have multiple options for dealing with it. Also, each unit of mine has multiple targets so they can pick the best
target and remain relevant for the entire game.

My firebase consists of my Psyker Henchmen units, the Inquisitor with the Hellrifle and his Servitors (usually manning the Defense line), The Vindicare Assassin and, and the Psy-rifle
dreadnought. All 3 of these units can deal damage to a wide variety of units. The psykers can hurt units with low saves, large horde units, Massed low AV vehicles or a single High
AV vehicle. The Servitors can hurt any infantry, MC's or light vehicles And have the lascannon against flyers. The vindicare is effective at taking down High AV vehicles, and can take
out special weapons from large units, effectively neutering them. Lastly the Dreadnought is good against Mid to Low AV vehicles and Flyers with massed fire. No matter what threats
I see across the table, I have multiple units available to neutralize that threat, regardless of what type of unit it is. The dreadnought provides some ability to tie up units in assault to
allow my other units to function. Also, the Dreadnought and Psyker units can move 6" and still shoot at full power, allowing them to maneuver for good LOS, avoid enemy units, or to
take objectives. The Psyker henchmen can still function okay out of their box when they need to hold an objective as well. They only need one model exposed for their shooting attack,
and the rest of the unit hides behind something, where they can't be killed as they are out of LOS.

The mid-range force consists of the 2 units of Daemonhosts and Plasmaguns, joined by Coteaz and the Psycannon Inquisitor and the 2 Dread knights. The Daemonhost units are very
capable in the midfield. They have a lot of firepower at 24" with 3 re-roll to hit plasmaguns, and a 1/3 chance of a good shooting attack from the Daemonhosts. You probably will roll one
of the Daemonhost shooting powers once a game, unless you are very unlucky. Also, the units are quite durable. You are T4 and you can put the character in the front of the unit to take
2+ saves for his squad mates. Anything dangerous you Look Out Sir onto the Crusader. However, this is risky and can get your character killed. It just depends on what firepower you
are taking from the enemy units. The unit also has more power in assault due to the S/T 4 from the Daemonhosts, the power attacks from the Crusader and the Characters. I find that
this unit is rather versatile and well able to handle other mid-field troops units.
The Dread knights that I run are not the most common build you will see. Most people run the Teleporter-Incinerator Dread knights. I did as well in 5th edition when my list was more
aggressive and AP2 was a little less common (more missiles, fewer plasma guns). This edition the walking psycannon dreads have gotten a lot better. High Strength large blasts are
much better at killing tanks than in this edition. With some luck you can deal damage to 2-3 tanks with a single unit. Also, the Knights are there to soak enemy firepower. If they are a
bit cheaper, you do not feel as bad when they do fall, after taking an entire army worth of shooting to fell. Also, my list is less aggressive and I have found that the enemy has been moving
toward my units more to meet in the middle of the table more often. The dreads then do not need the speed to take the fight to the enemy deployment zone as much as they did in my 5th
edition list.

Lastly, I have 2 Aggressive units that take the fight to the deployment zone of the enemy. They are the 2 Death Cult Assassin units joined by the Techmarine and the Xeno Inquisitor, mounted
in the pair of storm ravens. Many people will say that assault is dead in 6th edition and that this is a shooting edition. While it is true that assaulting did drop in power, and shooting gained
power, it does not mean that assaults are useless. Due the changes to ATSKNF, a unit of Marines needs to be wiped out to the last man in order to keep them off of an objective. With the new
Line of Sight rules, it can be very difficult to do that via shooting. DCA will kill Marines down to the last man.

Overall, this gives me what I feel is a true TAC list. I have multiple units that can take out any individual unit that is a threat. I have units that allow me to control the entire board while still being
effective. I think the list will put up a good fight to almost anything (except perhaps a Necron Flyer Heavy list)



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