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Jump pack Engine Glow made Easy

Step 1. Using a watered down regal blue, paints the entire engine and everywhere you want there to be glow. The further away from the 'core' of the engine the blue goes, the brighter the engine will appear. The brighter the engine the more power being supplied to it. So for an idling engine, keep the blue close to the port, for a flaring engine, have it cover the entire black area and maybe even some of the red outline. I have done an engine that is idling while the marine walks around on the ground.

Step 2. Next, you want to mix in twice the amount of enchanted blue as regal blue, again watered down a bit. The same principles above apply, the further away from the centre the brightness goes, the more active the engine will look.

Step 3. Now mix in some ice blue into your mix, you will have to judge the amount of ice blue you want in. I usually do about 30% of the amount of regal/enchanted blue there. But the brighter the colours, the greater the engine glow.

Step 4. Finally, some pure ice blue goes in the very center of the engine to represent the firey core idling.

And you are finished. here is a shot of a completed jumpack, next this example one.

Question: How do I do a engine at full throttle. As I said above, make the colours brighter and reaching further from the core. And make the very center of the engine 50/50 ice blue and skull white.

Question: I want to do a different colour.

No worries, it will work for anything. Some examples are.

Dark Angels Green -> Snot Green -> Scorpion Green

Red Gore -> Blood Red -> Blazing Orange

Iyaden Dark Sun -> Golden Yellow -> White.

Hope this helps someone! Have a good day!



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