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LRDG - S2 (Rhodesian) Patrol

Full Army Photo

Pretty much the entire patrol, only missing one SAS team that is out of the frame

Unit Photos

Platoon 1 to the right, including a Breda 20mm in the middle and a SAS team on the far right, platoon 2 to the left.

Platoon 1 - Lead by the captain himself

Breda 20mm - The patrol's only ranged "anti-tank", with AT4, it can handle APC's, but any real tank (even Italian ones) is too much for this gun. Real men blow up tanks with sticky-bombs anyways :D

All 11 vehicles - 9 Chev trucks and two jeeps


Captain J.R. Olivey, dismounted in front and with the red bandana in the jeep at the back.

Army List

The Sting of the Scorpion doesn't offer too many choices on how to build your raiding force. You get 700pts and take either a SAS or a LRDG raiding force. I made a list that fit the models supplied in the boxed set. It consists of two LRDG patrols (/platoons). One Patrol has been beefed up with the addition of a truck-mounted Breda AA gun, and both patrols have gotten a SAS team. The only real choice was if I should include another two SAS teams or just add on more guns. I went for more guns so I could load up my models with tons of machineguns. Having read "history of the SAS", the image of trucks and jeeps flooring it through a german airbase, machine-gunning planes and fuel dumps was too cool to skip.

LRDG - S2 (Rhodesian) Patrol

1st Patrol -

LRDG Patrol

- Breda 20mm Truck

- SAS team

- 5 extra MG's


2nd Patrol -

LRDG Patrol 260

- SAS team

- 6 extra MG's



Each patrol puts out 22-24 shots when the boys are mounted up, enough to make any soft target keep their heads down. Weakness is of course that the patrols are extreme glass cannons, having to rely on surprise, bad enemy reserve rolls and quick and careful recce movement to live to fight another day. The list also looses A LOT of firepower when the boys dismount to blow up objectives, as the trucks can only fire their MG's when they have passengers. The exceptions are the SAS teams, sporting SMG's, they can pour on the firepower dismounted too. I'm guessing those guys will be first out of the trucks, and last back on board. Captain Stirling's boys are known to be gung-ho, so it fits them well.

Why I Started This Army

Found a LRDG box in the bargains bin at my FLGS. It was battered and bruised, open at one end and very cheap. I've always had an interest in WW2, especially the north african theatre, and seeing these awesome models lying there in the bargain bin, crying "buy us, buy us!", I just couldn't resist. This little raiding-party became my ticket into FoW. I now also own a sizeable Italian Bersaligeri/Carri army.


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