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Land Raider Collection of 1hadhq

Land Raider squadron consisting of BT,DA,GK,SA,my own chapter.

Detailed pics of salamanders Land Raider:

I began with 2 standard LR in 2nd dex SM. When armageddon came out, added a standard LR and a crusader to BT, construct extra LRfor SA.Made a crusader for my first SM chapter. At demonhunters GK LR (no iconography). New BT,new crusader built. Actual dex DA: crusader done. Vehicle construction ruleset: special home variant constructed from bitz. LR variant: turret twin-linked lascannon,sponson quad-linked autocannons.

Quad-auto has s7 ap4 12Shot 48".              

variant pics:

Now I'm waiting for the redeemer.


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