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MERCS miniatures

Hi folks I just received my MERCS miniatures goods and decided to post a little review about it.

First here’s the link for the MERCS minis site. It’s a new company but I was really impressed by the looks of their first two miniatures...


Don’t be fooled by the 35mm miniatures sentence on title screen these are NOT that big and fit very nice with your 28 or 30mm ranges... don’t believe me check the sizes at


So now with introductions made here’s my review.

I ordered from their site on the 6th of September and paid by PayPal, they mailed it on the 8th and the minis traveled from the US to Europe/Portugal arriving on the 15th September... If that’s not fast I don’t know what is! Also it didn’t get held at customs.

The minis came on a bubbled envelope wrapped in bubble sheet inside plastic zip bags. So all got here safe and not bended or broken... Although for those that like fancy artwork or design on blisters may be disappointed since there’s nothing.

Once I looked at minis I was surprised how sharp they are... Mold lines are very small although one mold line goes in the sniper miniature eye (not good), but the overall sharpness of cast, discreet mold lines makes these miniatures a superb product. The metal seems similar to GW one and is sturdy. I tried to take some pictures of the minis but taking photos of metal is very hard... although I think these shows how sharp castings are.

The sniper: comes with a base Warmachine style, a backpack, sniper rifle and body.( 3 parts and 1 base) The Heavy assault: Comes also with Warmachine styled base, a backpack, ammo feed, weapon and body. ( 4 parts and 1 base )

Overall I would give MERCS the following rates

Shipping handling 10/10

Blisters presentation 2/10

Minis quality 9/10

Superb minis with awesome futurist look I can’t wait for more!

Also took pics to compare Infinity minis (yu jing) with the MERCS... they work just fine

Added by Kilkrazy, 21 Sep 08. Here is a pic of the MERC minis compared with some classic GW minis.

From the left:

A girl gang member from Judge Dredd converted with a hat. 27mm sole to eyes. The MERCS Heavy weapons guy, unassembled, 28mm sole to eyes. An original plastic beaky marine. A Bogart style detective out of the Call Of Cthulhu range, 25mm sole to eyes. An original plastic Imperial Army soldier, 28mm sole to eyes. The MERCS Sniper, 23mm sole to eyes (he has a very crouched pose.)

I think this illustrates the size of the MERCS figures and the point about style. The IG figure has a very thick torso, long arms, and short legs. The gang member and Bogey have fairly natural human proportions. The MERCS figures have long legs, which to me is part of anime styling.


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