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Magnetizing Tau by StarDrop

This article is still under construction.

Magnetizing Tau

This short guide has a goal of reminding current TAU players about options they could utilise if not already. For newcomers to TAU army this article will serve as idea bucket for building their army. Magnetizing is an extra step when assembling your army, but it will allow you to field different options, both fun and serious. To kick off this WYSIWYG review, let's start with:

A guide to versatile army and WYSIWYG

What to magnetize

For your opponent and you to know who is carrying what weapon and those reflect the entries you have on your army list, weapons are the most important when it comes to magnetizing. Tau are one of the few armies that comes with tons of weapon options, pretty much all of them usable and purpose related. Also, a lot of models, both suits and skimmers are able to carry a seeker missiles. Lastly, some models can easily be converted by swapping few important parts.

So, a range of different smaller weapons
<b>Pay attention to which side of your weapon you are putting the magnet on, as it makes a difference between LEFT handed weapon or RIGHT handed weapon.</b>

Pay attention to which side of your weapon you are putting the magnet on, as it makes a difference between LEFT handed weapon or RIGHT handed weapon.

Or some bigger weapons

and seeker missiles

Where to magnetize

Your battle suits are the thing to magnetize. From XV8, to XV88, to XV104, to KV128, design and weapon options are pretty standard. In the following pictures, I'll show you few points to magnetize, that will open a whole new world of how your models can look and what they can represent.

XV8 Crisis suit

This is the classic Tau model, simply craving for magnets. Especially with FarSight Enclaves supplement, which relies only on Crisis suits as your main troops choice, it is super important to have this model customised to your needs.

This model recognises 4 different points to magnetize. Two on his arms and two on top of it's jet pack. (as shown in pictures below). Based on XV8 Crisis suit, you can follow the same way of magnetizing for XV8 Commander, all ForgeWorld XV8-x models.

XV88 Broadside

Second Tau model that simply needs some magnets is XV-88 Broadside battlesuit. It is a HEAVY choice, and has smaller weapon list than XV8 Crisis suit, but switches between few important options. With the new codex, this model can be fielded as a part of few different formation, which makes the weapon choice crucial to achieve a domination on battlefield.

On Broadside, the most important are the SHOULDER points, which can carry a SEEKER missile and a secondary weapon choice, which alters between plasma or SMS system.
Second important option for a Broadside is it's main choise, RailGun or High Yield Missile Pods. With a bit of modeling, you can make the top of the RailGun swappable, to represent either option. As I don't have that option, I cannot show it to you. But I'll find a suitable replacement.

XV104 Riptide

Following the same way of magnetizing the XV8 and XV88 battlesuits, you can magnetize XV104.

Tau Flyers, Tanks and other Skimmers

Almost all TAU vehicles have option to add a seeker missile or two. Pretty neat and valuable choice. There are few different points that can be magnetized.



Both DevilFish, HammerHead and SkyRay tanks can carry seeker missiles. While DF and HH can carry only two, SkyRay is a missile defence ship.

DF and HH can carry their missiles under front wings, as shown

Other skimmers

Lastly, Piranhas. Regular Piranha can carry some missiles as well. Again, following the same idea from Tanks, you can magnetize points under the wings, or go even further and magnetize this:
The ForgeWorld TX-42 Piranha can swap weapons sam way XV8 suits can, so you should magnetize them.

Not recommended, as the missile cannot be removed from the model without picking the model up from the board.


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