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Marmite Weathering Method

Yum! Marmite! Mr. Nipples shows us how to weather Space Marines using an unexpected British spread.

Weathering with Marmite

Step One: Find the model. Here's my rhino that I found in a box of old crap. It will be reborn.

Now you paint it whatever color you want the damage to be, in my case I do a reddish brown as mine is representing rust. You can do metallics er whatever you may want.

Now comes the really icky part. I can't believe it says to spread this on toast and eat it..blluggh.

Anyways, get some marmite, and some kind of applicator. As you can see my applicator is a pencil with an old sponge zip tied to it.

Now apply it, in places you want the damage to be shown.

Paint it the color you want the model to be, in my case I use a kind of rotting flesh look. Let it dry, very important.

Fill up your sink with warm water and some dish soap, and send it to the depths.

Let it sit for a while, i usually give it about 10-15 minutes.

Pull it out and start going to town on it with a toothbrush. Scrub all the marmite off and it will reveal the paint below.


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