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I am Godzilla - and you are Japan!
Critical Bill in "Ten things to do in Denver when you're dead"

Nidzilla is an army list template used for Tyranids. It was used in 4th and 5th edition WH40K as long as Phil Kelly's and Andy Chamber's 4th edition codex was recent.

The list takes its name from Godzilla (also called Gojira) and consists of a ton of monstrous creatures: Tyranid players may take 3 Carnifexes as heavy support, three more as elite choice, if they stay below 115 points and two Hive Tyrants.

The basic setup is

  • 2 Hive Tyrants (HQ choices)
  • 3 'fexes (Elite choices)
  • 3 'fexes (Heavy support choices)

Depend on playing style and edition of the game, the setup of the monsters changes a bit.

In 4th edition, Hive Tyrants were usually winged and equipped with devourers. In 5th edition, the emphasis seems to be more on walking Tyrants with guards. In 4th edition, the original Dakkafex was used, which, in 5th edition changed to the Stranglerfex.

At higher point levels, the heavy support fexes are kitted out impressively, while at smaller levels, all 6 carnifexes might have the same 113-point setup - this has the additional advantage of making none of them a fire magnet.

Attempts have been made to make this a close-combat army, yet the small threat-range due to a lack of fleet of claw, the small amount of models and the 5th edition deployment rules make this a hard way to play.

The given setup lacks troop choices. Sadly, gaunts are out of the question because the whole army only contains two synapse creatures. So one attempt is to use Ripper swarms, the other uses outflanking gene stealers: The former use their cover save in combination with go to ground to soak up damage. The latter convince the enemy to stay away from the sides of the board and go the the middle, where the carnifexes run to.


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