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PaniCs Goblin BloodBowl Team
The Chaos Small Stars

My Fourth Team.
Goblins Love bloodbowl, FACT, and this is no different for these little fellas who come from the Chaos Ash Wastes. Week after week these guys were watch'in their favourite team the Chaos All Stars, then one day one had an idea, this can be a dangerous thing to happen to a goblin, but in this case is was ok, 'cos this idea was a good 'un! Lets make our own team! so they begged, borrowed and stole enough armour and green & red paint and temped a pair of trolls to play (by feeding them the goblins who didn't make the team!! or those who fall asleep during practice) and the Chaos Small Stars were born!

These Goblins never miss practice so they know the five D's of BloodBowl:
Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge.
Click to see bigger picture

Models Used:

  • Second edition BB Goblins x13

~converted 1 catcher to chainsaw guy (now redundant.. i sourced the offical model) ~converted 1 catcher to bomber

  • WHFB Chaos troll x2
  • WHFB doom diver x1 (trolls can throw goblins... I think this is funny...)
  • WHFB OOP old Fanatic x1

~~this team is nearly finished. I want to replace the bomber and fanatic... I'm not happy with these guys...

The Chaos Small Stars - Team Roster.
1) Goblin
2) Goblin
3) Goblin
4) Goblin
5) Goblin
6) Goblin
7) Goblin
8) Goblin
9) Goblin
10) Goblin
11) Goblin Chainsaw loonie
12) Goblin Bomber
13) Goblin Pogo'er
14) Goblin Fanatic
15) (chaos) Troll
16) (chaos) Troll

Click to see bigger pictures.

By PaniC...


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