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PaniCs LizardMan BloodBowl Team
WaqushinTec RedSkins

My First Bloodbowl Team.
I picked LizardMen for my first team because no one else in the league I was joining had them... they are a great team and I quickly got to grips with their tactics!

I painted them with Red Skin as a pun on the Washington Red Skins. They were painted in a couple of days to be ready for my first game!

~their first game a preseason warm up agains the Chaos All Stars. A disaster for the WaqushinTec RedSkins, from the very first kick off everything went wrong, some one in the crowd threw a rock killing the kroxigor! stone dead...haha... from there things got worse and the game ended 2-0 down with several dead LizardMen...
~but since then I've won as many games as I've lost.

oh yeah I don't play WHFB, i made up the name WaqushinTec, if anyone has a map of lizard men Towns/Cities and can find one that starts with a W or sounds like Washington I'd love to know about it!!!
Click to see bigger picture

Models Used:

  • third edition 4 x BB Lizardmen saurus
  • third edition 12 x BB Lizardmen skinks
  • third edition 1 x BB Lizardmen kroxigor
  • WHFB 2 saurus temple guard the champion and standard bearer
  • WHFB skink priests head (with skull helmet) stuck on one of the BB skink

~~This team is fully painted/finnished/nothing more to add.~~

WaqushinTec RedSkins - Team Roster.
1) Saurus
2) Saurus
3) Saurus
4) Saurus
5) Saurus
6) Saurus
7) Kroxigor
8) skink
9) skink
10) skink
11) skink
12) skink
13) skink
14) skink
15) skink
16) skink
~17) skink
~18) skink
~19) skink

Click to see bigger pictures.

By PaniC...


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