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PaniCs Orc BloodBowl Team
Orange Armour Orcs

My Second Bloodbowl Team.
I picked most of this team up on eBay cheap.

I just decided on the Colour with no reason. and i could do with some help in making up a name for this team!

~On the field Orcs are awesome, They hit hard and have lots of skilled cheap options
~I normally play with as many Blockers Blitzers and Goblins as I can afford the rest of the roster filled with a Orc Thrower and Orc Linemen, I Rarely/Never play the Troll.
~alot of people over look goblins in orc teams but I find them too good to pass on! they make sneaky runs.

Click to see bigger picture

Models Used:

  • third edition 4 x BB Black Orc Blocker
  • third edition 4 x BB Orc Blitser
  • third edition 4 x BB Goblin
  • third edition 6 x BB Orc Linemen
  • second edition 2 x BB Orc Throwers
  • third edition 1 x BB Troll

~~This team is fully painted/finnished/nothing more to add.~~

Orange Armour Orcs - Team Roster.
1) Black Orc Blocker
2) Black Orc Blocker
3) Black Orc Blocker
4) Black Orc Blocker
5) Orc Blitzer
6) Orc Blitzer
7) Orc Blitzer
8) Orc Blitzer
9) Goblin
10) Goblin
11) Goblin
12) Goblin
13) Orc Thrower
14) Orc Lineman
15) Orc Lineman
16) Orc Lineman
~17) Orc Thrower
~18) Orc Lineman
~19) Orc Lineman
~20) Troll

Click to see bigger pictures.

By PaniC...


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