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Quick n Easy Gore

Quick n Easy Gore!


  • PVA glue
  • A pinch of flour
  • A few Rice crispies- other cereals will probably work too :P
  • No this is not a recipie! Well kinda
  • Red paint- I've used Crimson Gore
  • A purple wash - Leviathan Purple in this case
  • Some kind of body part- I've used a bolter
  • Gloss- I've used G.W gloss but a coat of PVA would probably do

This was made off the cuff today in a couple of minutes, the measurements aren't exact and you'll know when to add more or less ;-) Mix some PVA glue with the pinch of flour, add some red paint into the mix, it will turn pink but just add more red until you get a satisfying blood colour Crush a rice crispie and add it to the mix, add how ever many you want until you get a good gore consistency ( i put in a whole one for good measure )

With everything still wet add some purple wash to give the gore some meat

When dry add some gloss to give a moist effect!

If anyone tries this out let me know how it worked for you and please adapt it and post some pics! :P

General Awesome


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