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Redback Kriel Trollbloods

Army by Russ Wakelin, of The D6 Generation.


Forward Redbacks, for Kith and Kriel!

The Redbacks are known as one of the harder-hitting Kriels of the Trollbloods who rely heavily on both their brute strength as well as much of the technology scavanged from Cygnar.

Currently I just have a small sampling of the force shown here, but in coming weeks I hope to add a lot more as they are finished.


Madrake Ironhide

Madrake is my first warcaster and still my favorite, though not as versatile as some of the other troll casters. With Madrake I usually play an up-close and personal troll list, with the basic battle plan of "Get 'em".

Modeling note: The background of Madrake states that he is an albino troll, which is why I did not paint him red as the rest of the kriel. I later regretted this. See Grim below.

Grim Angus

Grim Angus often comes on the scene to lead the Redbacks into battle against particularly cagy opponents. His ability to slow the enemy down, ensnare foes, and shoot stealthy models at range allows a whole new combat style for the normally straightforward trolls. I really like the Blitzer and two Impalers with Grim, to give the army a lot of shooting, and to make sure that I have plenty of "far strike" to go around.

Modeling Note: In the 'fluff' both Madrake and Grim are albino trolls, which is why my Madrake model is not painted red. However I really didn't like the lack of continuity between the 'locks skin and the rest of the force. So I decided to make Grim red as well.

Grissel Bloodsong

Grissel has joined Madrake on the march to save their people. Working with the trollkin of the Redback Kriel, Bloodsong keeps them inspired and at peak fighting condition with her inspirational songs.


Dire Troll Mauler

The mighty dire troll is the backbone of any Redback horde. The Mauler shown here is common, however the Blitzer has been making a few appearances now and again.


Get hit by a boosted throw from that spear and you've got a decent chance of being knocked sprawling to the ground.


The Axer's animus is so handy that a Redback force has never gone to battle without one.

Pyre Troll

Extremely handy for dealing with infantry, the Pyre troll is often seen with the Redbacks. Especially when either Grim or Doomshaper is leading.


Scatter Gunners

With all the hard-hitting power of massive war beasts like the Axer and Dire Troll, the Redback Warlocks often rely on Scatter Gunners to deal with large amounts of enemy infantry. Their blunderbuss guns can make short work of grouped foes, and if the need arises they can charge a foe, stick them with their gun blade, and then fire the weapon at point blank range for devastating effect.


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