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Redbeard's Inquisitorial Freakshow

Full Army Photo

Army List

HQ: Throne of Judgement (why not)

Elite: 6 Arco-flagellents Inquisitor w/ Storm Bolter, Retinue of 1 plasma cannon servitor, 2 heavy bolter servitors, 2 sages Eversor Assassin

Troops: 6 Stormtroopers w/ 2 meltaguns, in Chimera 6 Stormtroopers w/ 2 meltaguns, in Chimera 6 Stormtroopers w/ 2 plasmaguns 20 Zealots (2 meltaguns, 4 evicerator-wielding fanatics) + Priest w/ eviscerator

Heavy Support:

3 Penitent Engines 3 Penitent Engines 3 Penitent Engines

It's not something you expect to see...

Unit Photos

The leader of the freaks, Inquisitor Karamazov rides into battle on a giant throne. It sounds good, but I don't see this being a realistic tactic.

One of a handful of Inquisitor models that I did for this army. I use him the most, because a storm bolter is about the best complimentary weapon for a shooty Witchhunter retinue.

I made a bunch of acolytes out of the Necromunda Delaque gang. I think their trench coats work well to represent their jobs as Inquisitors-in-training.


Callidus Assassin

Eversor Assassin

Death Cultists

Storm Troopers

Zealots - these guys came from a Chapter Approved article printed shortly after the Witch Hunter codex came out. They're a great unit, it's a shame they've been decomissioned.

Penitent Engines. Yup, there are a full nine available.

This one was the first 40k model I ever painted:

Why I Started This Army

This was actually my first army. I started playing 40k in 2004, shortly after the Witch Hunter codex was printed. I saw the cover of the codex, with the crazy insane inquisitor and horde of freaks and knew that was the army I wanted to do. They show their age - I don't think they'd look the same if I painted them today - but they're certainly good enough to put on the table, especially when I want a low-key fun game.


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