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Category:Witch Hunters Army Profile

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Featured Witch Hunters Army Profiles

Convent of St Ophelia

This army actually started life as a painting project for my fiancée. I had a Space Marine army at the time and she wanted an army to play against me. She insisted on an all sisters army and most of the army selections were based on units she wanted to paint. The problem of course is that she painted 3 of them and left me to do the rest. Ho hum!


Ian's Arbites Army

I started this army a while ago, as I'd always liked the idea of a pure Arbites force. I originally wrote my own codex, loosely based on the WH/Sisters of Battle Rules. However, I dug out this army recently, and we did some tests to find the best way of using it legally. 1 found the best thing was still to use it as a Witch Hunters Army, with some 'counts as' rules.


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