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Convent of St Ophelia

The Convent of St Ophelia

Army List


Mistress with 9 Repentia

12 Sisters, Veteran, Flamer, Heavy Flamer and Imagifer

12 Sisters, Veteran, Flamer, Heavy Flamer and Imagifer

6 Seraphim, Veteran, 2 with twin Hand Flamers

6 Dominons, Veteran, 4 with Meltaguns, Immolator with twin Multimeltas

6 Retributors, Veteran, 4 with Heavy Bolters, Immolator with twin Heavy Bolters


~1,500 points depending on options.

Full Army Photo

Unit Photos



First Squad

Second Squad





Exorcist front view

Why I Started This Army

This army actually started life as a painting project for my fiancée. I had a Space Marine army at the time and she wanted an army to play against me. She insisted on an all sisters army and most of the army selections were based on units she wanted to paint.

The problem of course is that she painted 3 of them and left me to do the rest. Ho hum! Its weird though, I like them that much they're actually my go-to army now. That and the fact that I haven't finished painting anything else!

Where Next?

The army is currently being expanded to 3,000 points (partly for options, partly for Apocalypse). An Inquisitor, Assassin, 2 Stormtrooper squads, an extra Sisters heroine and second Dominion squad, a Penitent Engine, Arco-flagellants and a FW Thunderbolt are all either on the painting table or on the shopping list!

The Stormies are nearly finished and the second Dominion squad is half done. As soon as more stuff is painted I'll add the images.

Hope you guys like it!!!


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