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Removable Dozer Blade

How to make a Removable Dozer Blade for a Space Marine Tank:

I've decided to use the IG Dozer Blade as the dozer blade upgrade for one of my SM tanks. I decided that I'd make them Magnetized so that I can remove the blades for other games.

Tools: -6 1/8" Magnets - 1/8" Drill bit - Pen - Glue -X-acto knife

1) Build the tank and the dozer blade, as in the picture below.

2) Dry-fit the blades to where you want them, and mark the edges and the centerline.

3) Using the point of your knife, make a small hole that goes all the way through the bottom of the tank. (This hole can be very small).

4) Flip the tank over and using the holes as a guide use the 1/8" drill bit to make a grove for the magnets to sit in. Glue them in place.

5) Do the same to the dozer blade. Before gluing the magnets, place tape on the bottom of the tank where the magnets will meet. (this will be removed) Place the magnets to their respective counterparts. Add a little glue and squeeze the dozer blade onto the magnets.

6) Once the glue is dry, remove the tape along with the dozer blade. You know have a removable dozer blade.


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