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Sculpting roses

A tutorial by Fifty Based on this P&M blog post

I needed some roses for my Nighthaunt army. I did a lot of searching, including some green-stuffed roses and some cake-decoration methods, but nothing looked quite like I was hoping to achieve, so I developed this method from some of those sources and some ideas of my own.

I think the photos are generally fairly self-explanatory, so I will keep my commentary notes to a minimum.

If you have better wiki skills than me, please do make edits!

Remember to use water to stop anything sticking to your surface!

I used a bit of rod to roll this out, but a round pen would do the job

I used a sharp knife to peel my green stuff from the surface, then wrapped it carefully around the very thin (0.5mm?) plastic.

I used a sharp knife to make some petal shapes.

SLIGHTLY more green stuff for the next ball.

This is just the spare bits of green stuff from the triangles I cut out, used to give a bit of body to the rose.

I then wrapped the slightly bigger bit with triangles cut out all of the way around, and again used the knife to cut slightly o make petal shapes and tease out the tips of some petals.

I think this would be a very open rose, like a Eustacia Vye...

However, part of me does feel that particular rose is slightly over the top, with too many petals for tabletop miniatures.

I therefore did the same thing again with about half as much greenstuff. I kept the same width of greenstuff, and flattened it out far more, but used shorter bits, each therefore wrapped around fewer times...

And I feel this would probably look better at 28mm scale.

This, perhaps, is more like a Wildfire;

Both pics from https://www.davidaustinroses.co.uk/shop-onlinea store who I would thoroughly recommend for their quality of service and wonderful roses.


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