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Space Hulk Mission Summary

Space Hulk Mission Index

Hellfury The following is a complete summary of every Space Hulk Mission ever published by Games Workshop. A Total of over 120 unique Missions, the majority of which are set in 22 different Campaigns.

There is some redundancy in the names of the Missions, which is not to be confused with Missions that are reprinted in a different publication. Where a Mission has been reprinted, the original publication is noted in italicized parentheses. The original publication of any mission is always noted in italics.

The intent of this article is to provide reference material for those who wish to locate past missions and modify them for use with 3rd edition rules. Games Workshop has gone on record as saying that there will be no supplements for 3rd edition Space Hulk, so it is up to the consumer to either design new missions or glean what they can in order to play more than the 12 missions provided in the 3rd edition game.

Base Set Missions (all editions)

Sin of Damnation Campaign: (all editions)

  1. Suicide Mission
  2. Exterminate
  3. Rescue
  4. Cleanse & Burn
  5. Decoy
  6. Defend (#10 in 3rd edition)

Spawn of Execration Campaign: (2nd edition)

  1. Break Through
  2. Forge Ahead
  3. Regroup (#9 in 3rd edition, essentially a reprint of the "Space Hulk Campaigns Book" Mission)
  4. Capture
  5. Sabotage
  6. Race Against Time

Harbinger of Despair Campaign: (2nd edition)

  1. Seize and Secure
  2. Menace
  3. Data Download
  4. Isolate
  5. Annihilate
  6. Retribution

Sin of Damnation Campaign: (3rd edition)

  1. Suicide Mission
  2. Exterminate
  3. Rescue
  4. Cleanse & Burn
  5. Decoy
  6. Alarm Call (#1 in Deathwing)
  7. The Artefact (#2 in Deathwing, called "The ship's log")
  8. Escape Route
  9. Regroup (#4 in Deathwing)
  10. Defend
  11. Unknown Life Forms (#6 in Deathwing)
  12. Pitfall (#2 in the additional Missions of the "Space Hulk Campaigns Book")

Space Hulk Campaigns Book (1st edition)

The Last Stand Campaign: WD #137

  1. Break-in
  2. The Generator
  3. The Chapel
  4. The last Stand

Genestealer Invasion Campaign: WD #'s 133 & 135

  1. Ambush!
  2. Regroup
  3. Hammer and Anvil
  4. Search and Destroy
  5. Hold and Secure
  6. Final Conflict

Necromunda Campaign: WD #138

  1. First Blood
  2. No Way Out
  3. Killing Ground
  4. Interrogation
  5. Divide & Conquer
  6. Poison!

Sentinel V Campaign:

  1. Docking Bay
  2. Strike Force
  3. Counter-Attack
  4. The Patriarch

Mission Generator Campaign:

  1. Boarding Action
  2. Destroy the Engines
  3. Take the Bridge
  4. Capture the Arsenal
  5. Self- Destruction
  6. Abandon Ship

Additional Missions:

  • Contract Revoked WD #121
  • Pitfall WD #114
  • Delaying Action WD #115
  • Denzark's Hammer WD #120

Deathwing Expansion (1st edition)

Broken Knife's Duty Campaign:

  1. Alarm Call
  2. The Ship's Log
  3. Seek and Retrieve
  4. Regroup
  5. CAT Hunt
  6. The Unknown Life Form

Mission Generator Campaign:

  1. Recon
  2. Establishing a Perimeter
  3. Perimeter Defense
  4. Raid
  5. Breakout
  6. Search and Destroy

Solo Mission:

  • Cloud Runner's Last Stand

Genestealer Expansion (1st edition)

Additional Missions:

  • Behind Enemy Lines
  • The Final Assault

Citadel Journal (1st & 2nd editions)

Unseen Enemy Campaign: (1st edition) CJ #1

  • Supply Lines

Harlequin Missions: (1st edition) CJ #2

  1. Into the darkness
  2. Numbering the Foe
  3. Destroy
  4. Kill on Sight

The Silent Voyager Campaign: (1st edition) CJ #3

  1. To The Hunt
  2. Assassin
  3. The Bridge
  4. Distress Signal

Genesis Campaign: (2nd edition) CJ #25

  1. Beachhead
  2. Emperor's Grace
  3. Specimen

Talons of Death Campaign: (2nd edition) CJ #36

  1. Lightning Pierces the Gloom...
  2. Sowing the Seeds of Destruction
  3. Secure the Shaft
  4. Into the Inferno...

Additional Missions:

  • Ambush (1st edition) CJ #7
  • Smash and Grab (1st edition) CJ #7
  • Quad Run (1st edition) CJ #7
  • Escape Route (1st edition) CJ #7
  • Fire Corridor (2nd edition) CJ #28

White Dwarf (1st & 2nd editions)

Traitor Terminators - Marine vs Marine games: (1st edition) WD #121

  1. Contract Revoked

Wolf Lair Campaign: (1st edition) WD #147

  1. Under Attack
  2. To The Rescue
  3. Barricades
  4. Breakthrough
  5. To The Death!

Strike Deep Campaign: (1st edition) WD #149

  1. Entry Point
  2. A Need for Power
  3. Down Deep
  4. The Search
  5. Pull Back
  6. Air Generator

Return To Kalidus Campaign: (1st edition) WD #158

  1. A Quest for Power
  2. Honour Bound
  3. Terminus

Defilement of Honour Campaign: (2nd edition) WD #197

  1. Stop the Tide
  2. Shut Down
  3. Take Control

Bringer of Sorrow Campaign: (2nd edition) WD #199

  1. Pierce the Darkness
  2. Knowledge is Power
  3. Deathbringer

Fangs of Fenris Campaign: (2nd edition) WD #200

  1. Trap the Foe
  2. Counter-Attack
  3. Annihilate!

Duty and Honour Campaign: (2nd edition) WD #201

  1. Veil of darkness
  2. To Kill the Beast
  3. Back from Darkness

The Fate of the Sword of Halcyon Campaign: (2nd edition) WD #203

  1. Impact
  2. Salvage the Bridge
  3. Shut Down
  4. Purify
  5. Inner Sanctum

Author Information

The Space Hulk Mission Index was compiled by Hellfury using his own Space Hulk Collection as reference. If he has missed anything please do not hesitate to edit this Article to correct any mistakes or to contact him with any questions pertaining to this article.


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