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Starting with the Searforge Commission

The Searforge commission represents the interests of the kingdom of Rhul, the dwarf-folk of the Iron Kingdoms. Included in this commission are both Dwarves and Ogrun.

One way to start with the Searforge Commission is to buy the equivalent of a battlebox. However, you will have to order the models separately.

What to Order

Gorten Grundback

  • PIP 41071

Of the available Rhulic warcasters, Gorten has the most to gain from the searforge contract list. He needs the extra distance granted by the contract in order to make the most use out of his feat.

Ghordson Driller

  • PIP 41017

Gorten's Strength of Granite spell pushes the Driller's melee damage (P+S) into the stratosphere.

Wroughthammer Rockram

  • PIP 41037

The Rockram adds versatility to Gorten's list by putting in a high POW melee and ranged attack.

Grundback Gunner

  • PIP 41016 (Two per blister)

The gunner is given a single focus point each turn, and uses the Powerful Attack ability to boost both the attack and damage rolls.

Tactics with Gorten's Battlegroup

Beyond the Starter Set


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