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Storm Lords Necrons

Strom Lords Necron Apocalypse Force

Army List


  • Nightbringer: 360
  • Lords: Warscythes (and varied equipment to maximum allowance): 420


  • 10xWarriors - Disruption Fields:200
  • 14xWarriors - Disruption fields:280
  • 14xWarriors - Disruption fields:280
  • 14xWarriors - Disruption fields:280

Fast attack

  • 3xWraiths: 123
  • 3xDestroyers: 150
  • 10xScarabs - Disruption fields:160
  • 3xScarabs - Disruption fields:48


  • Monolith:235
  • Monolith:235
  • (Phalanx Formation:250)


  • 4x Pariahs: 144
  • 6x Flayed Ones-Disruption fields: 126

Total: 3291 points

Full Army Photo

Why I Started This Army

I started collecting Necrons because I thought they were a cool race and important in the 40K background. That and the fact they can field their Gods and Monoliths... Apocalypse gave me the excuse to add another Monolith and use everything in the Codex I owned, and thats basically the story of the army.

Oh, and it's never lost an Apocalypse game yet and Ive played about 5 to date, all large wins (6 objectives-0 objectives for example)


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