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Category:Necrons Army Profile

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Featured Necrons Army Profiles
Legoburner's Necrons

Sometime in 2002, I was bored and popped in to a games workshop to see what had changed and was looking at the miniatures in the cabinet. I saw some cool looking metal skeletons with 'glowy' green plastic bits and was shocked to learn that these cool looking models were the replacements for the ones that drove me to leave to the hobby in the first place. I picked up a white dwarf and started getting interested again. Although it is certainly far from my painting ability now (those moldiness make me cringe), I was and am still pleased with how it turned out after just 2 months of slow painting.


LuigiX's Necron Army

I built and painted this army within a few months of the release of the Necron codex in 2002. I went nuts for the models when I saw them and bought the launch army box. Unfortunately, since then, I really haven't added much to them. Artistically, its nothing special, but for me, it was a huge leap forward. Prior to this, most of my painting was one offs with no real basing and sloppy workmanship. With my Necrons, I really learned the importance of a nice base and built skills I still use. They're not my prettiest figures, but my Necrons hold a special place in my heart.


Ouze's Necrons of Acheron

I always found the Necrons to be the coolest faction in the Dawn of War series, after they were added in Dark Crusade. I find their lore and fluff to be enormously compelling. I wound up starting with a Necron Battleforce as my second army. I still wasn't yet a very good painter, but it turned out by and large Necrons are the easiest army to paint. You need very little skill to make them look good on the vast majority of unit. Definitely, these guys helped with my confidence.


RunicFIN's Ironecrons

"Once upon a time an Iron Warriors company decided to begin mining and drilling in a distant planet at far edges of space to initiate weapons manufacture. This however, disturbed a certain C'tan and his minions in their millenia spanning sleep. As punishment, the Star God decided to mock and annihilate the intruders for his own amusement."


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