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Mercer's Necrons

Army List

1 x Necron Lord - Resurrection Orb & Veil of Darkness 200

1 x Necron Lord - Destroyer body, Warscythe, Phase Shifter 180

1 x Nightbringer 360

1 x Deceiver 300

5 x Immortals 135

6 x Flayed Ones 108

12 x Necron Warriors 216

12 x Necron Warriors 216

12 x Necron Warriors 216

12 x Necron Warriors 216

3 x Wraiths 123

4 x Destroyers 200

4 x Monoliths 940

Total = 3450

Full Army Photo

Coming soon!

Unit Photos

Sorry about poor photos. Will get some bettes ones up soon and add Deceiver and Monolith pics.

Necron Lord


Flayed Ones


Why I Started This Army

I had been interested in WH40k for sometime. I remember when Necrons first came out after seeing the big posters in my local GW's window. When I eventually had time and money for the hobby Necrons was my first army to start. The idea of some cool unstopable robots which could resurrect themselves is too good to pass on. When I got the codex I was sucked in and learnt a little more on the mysterious Necrons, former Necrontyr and the Star Gods. Even though I'm not keen on the idea of having a star eating god on the table stop the models and the in game abilities are too good to miss on!

The army is fully complete painting wise, just needs basing done which has been tested on four warriors with white grit. Will update shots when basing has been done on all models.


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