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RunicFIN's Ironecrons

Full Army Photo

"Once upon a time an Iron Warriors company decided to begin mining and drilling in a distant planet at far edges of space to initiate weapons manufacture. This however, disturbed a certain C'tan and his minions in their millenia spanning sleep. As punishment, the Star God decided to mock and annihilate the intruders for his own amusement."

Unit Photos

The main HQ of my force, the Destroyer Lord fused together from an Ironwarriors Warsmith and Necron. The purpose of this unit in my games is usually to destroy light infantry, or bind heavyweapons into melee combat. The scarabs further prolong this purpose, and also manage to actually kill something from time to time.

My Destroyers + 1 Heavy Destroyer. All of them highly mobile, giving my Necron army the flexibility it needs. The Destroyers usually try to annihilate infantry and light vehicles, while the Heavy Destroyer hunts for tanks and instant killable characters/other important single targets.

Necron Lord and Warriors. These units are almost always focused on holding objectives, and I play them defensively to prevent Phase Out unless it is very certain they will not get destroyed. Handy for gunning down infantry and light vehicles from short ranges.

The Monolith, the big boom of my army. The Monolith usually deepstrikes behind enemy lines or into vital positions. Sometimes it appears it also likes to deepstrike out of the table, or into a pool of molten magma. In any case it can completely vaporize anything that is set against it, and draws a good amount of enemy fire away from my other units.

Army List


Necron Lord +Warscythe +Destroyer Body +Lightning Field +Phase Shifter +Phylactery

Necron Lord +Resurrection Orb +Veil of Darkness


12 Necron Warriors

12 Necron Warriors


3 Destroyers

3 Destroyers

7 Scarab Swarms


Heavy Destroyer


1496p. Phase Out: 8

Why I Started This Army

The only reason I started this army was, that I felt an odd interest to Necrons because of the mysticism. The color theme was applied midway, as I was thinking about something to add to the normal Kronus theme. I realized the Iron Warriors theme would look good, and so the story of a C'tan fusing defeated marines into Necrons was born in my head. The weapon industry and waking up the sleeping ones bit actually got its origins from my own daily routine: waking up to a bunch of workers who are fixing the balconies in the house I live in.


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