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novokh dynasty necrons

Full Army Photo

my necrons in all their shiny metal glory

Unit Photos

5 immortals who are usually led by varovan the faithless

9 warriors led by lord uno

the reapers doom a night scythe that is a dedicated transport to varovan and his immortals

solitudes spear annihilation barge the turret isn't in the picture because it hasn't been built yet

Army List

HQ overlord varovan the faithless= warscythe+ resurrection orb = 130pts

the faithless court

lord uno = warscythe + resurrection orb = 75pts


XVOO-1 = + 4 warriors =117pts


XCOO-1 = Tesla carbines = 85pts

(immortals) [dedicated transport reapers doom (night scythe)= 100pts]


solitudes spear = gauss cannon = 90pts

(annihilation barge)

total =597

Why I Started This Army

i decided to start this army because i needed a 600pt list for warhammer world invasion 2013 and it had to be an army i could quickly paint plus the metal necron immortal was my first citadel miniture ever


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