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Swords of Terra the 11th Legion

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my Dready for the 1st chapter

Why I Started This Army

i started this army because i wanted to create not only a chapter, but something far larger and after a good amount of looking through the fluff and what not, i decided to take the 11th legion for the base of my army. then came the reason as to why they where still held together as a legion and not split into chapters. i had a few paths to pick from, i wanted the legion to stay whole, many people would say why not use chaos, well nothing against chaos players, but i prefer "And They Shall Know No Fear" rule that the chaos marines lose. so that got rid of the chaos path, so in truth that left two main paths i could choose, become servants to the Imperium of Man or become outcasts. and i have to admit that the Souldrinker's story played a big role in how i fluffed out my legion. i almost wanted a way to have a reason to see more than one army fielded and why wouldn't a head strong legion with its primarch to lead it try and gain as many allies as they could. anyways this was just a way to put my two main armies together, but it has given way to linking a bunch of army types together, Space Marines, Tau and Eldar for the most part, maybe some IG later on, but that's about it. if you guys want to read up on it go to the fluff section and you will find info on the legion and its how it came to be. photos will be forth coming as i still have some pictures to up load


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