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Tactica Ripper Swarms
Tactica Rippers


Rippers are the small and most overlooked of all units in the Tyranid codex. These little bugs are the back bone of the whole tyranid society. Rippers are great meat shields, tying units up and have a surprisingly good knack for surprising your enemy in shooting and assault.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  1. Cheap, these guys are dirt cheap, at just 10pts for 3 wounds and 4 attacks what's not to love?
  2. Target Priority, since these guys are small and appear almost pointless they will be left alone for a while, which is what you want.
  3. Shooting, with 4 twin-linked shots at S3 Ap5, they are no laughing matter for most light infantry.


  1. Small/vulnerable to blast, 2x wounds from blast and template weapons, this always puts the hurt on swarms, but that is why they have 3 wounds and are cheap.
  2. Low stats, the ripper suffers from low stats naked, but are still a match for any GEQ.
  3. Instant death, being T3, S6 weapons cause instant death.

Biomorphs and Uses

    • Adrenal Glands , it gives your rippers furiose charge. a fairly good upgrade, but not a must.
    • Toxin Sacs, never a bad idea, poisoned +4 makes your rippers a threat to any infantry on the feild.
    • tunnel, rather espensive at 5 poits, and deepstriking usually denies your rippers the charge.
    • spinefists , R12" S3 Ap5 assault 4 twin-linked. it's hard to see much wrong with this particular biomorph.


The rippers only have one bio-weapon, spinefists. Dont be fooled, rippers with spinefist are no joke, with 4 S3 12" Shooting attacks each turn per base can cause alot of problems, and if you take the toxin sacs, even marines have a reason not to get close to these things. A bio-weapon worth taking if you can get the points for it.


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