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Tactica Zoanthropes


This article is to help tyranid player use zoanthropes more effectively and help make power selection easier. When deciding to use Zoanthropes, it is best to take 2-3, a lone Zoanthrope takes up an Elite slot and is an easy target for your enemy.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  1. Powers, the psychic powers the Zoanthrope can wield are both supportive and defensive and all have a part to play in the army, and the ability to become a synapse creature is vital.
  2. One elite Slot, you can have 3 Zoanthropes and only fill one elite slot.
  3. Good Save, having warp wields by default gives the Zoanthrope a 5+/3++ save.


  1. No combat ability, the zoanthrope lacks any punch in CC and is wasted there.
  2. Only 3, the biggest downfall is that you can only take 3 of these beasts per unit and they have no formal body guard, its like a huge floating target for your enemy.

Psychic Powers

There are 2 psychic powers that a Zoanthrope has, plus the warp feild. these both come with the Zoanthrope:

  1. Warp Blast (requires psychic test), this is the second most popular power the Zoanthrope has, as it is a range 24" strength 5 ap 3 assault 1 blast. this can completely destroy anything short of terminators.
  2. Warp lance: (requires psychic test), this is an amazing psychic shooting attack. it is arguably the best tank popper that can be used by infantry. as a strength 10 ap 1 lance, this will destroy whatever it hits. This weapon is what inspires fear in your enemies.


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