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Tank Hunting for the Imperial Guard

How to kill a Land Raider

by MajorTreble

Weapons, Armour and Damage

Effective Damage

Effective damage is a shot that destroys a vehicle, immoblizes a transport or disables the main weapon of a support tank. On the table, this includes one of the damaged results and both of the destroyed. Damaged is included because at least one result will be useful depending on the vehicle and a double damaged hit disables the vehicle. Crew results are just in the table to make you feel better about missing.

The Land Raider is both a transport and has two twin-linked lascannon sponsons. It does not exactly fit the damage model but we will assume that you want to immobilize it as a priority.

Multiple hits on the same damaged result will escalate upwards. A vehicle that is already immobilized, has weapon destroyed and gets another damaged result will be Destroyed - Wrecked.

Vehicle squadrons will spread hits amoung several vehicles. This helps avoid escalating glancing hits.

Chance to Get Effective Damage

This chart has the different guard weapons against the different armour values. The vehicle is assumed to be in cover. These figures do not include the shooting test.

For example, a lascannon against armour 14 would have a 6% chance to be effective.

Cover (1/2) * Penetrating Hit (1/6) * Damage (3/6) + Cover (1/2) * Glancing Hit (1/6) * Damage (1/6) = 1/18 (0.06)


  1. Meltaguns have a +1 to the damage result and do an extra d6 penetration within six inches.
  2. Ordance rolls two d6 for the damage result and takes the best one.
  3. Vanquisher anti-tank shots roll two d6 for penetration.
  4. Vanquisher is only available in an Armoured Company and is included for comparison.

Ballistic Skill

Number of Volleys for an Even Chance

This charts shows the number of volleys or turns that different guard units would need to damage a vehicle. It also takes into account the ballistic skill. The unit has a fifty percent chance of success after the listed number of turns.

Number Volleys = -log(2) / log (1 - (Percent Damage * BS / 6) ) / Number Shots


  1. The Missile Launcher and Auocannon are five points cheaper when taken in an Infantry Squad.

Meltaguns Rule!

With an extra d6 penetration and +1 to damage, the meltagun is the clear choice for any hard anti-tank work. A meltagun is almost four times more effective than a lascannon. The challenge is delivering the unit to the six inch range. Outside of that range, it performs worse than a lascannon. To ensure that the vehicle takes damage, you want to have at least three volleys hitting it. This makes Drop Troops and Veterans almost required guard doctrines.

The lascannon is the next best for high end armour and works at a nice range of forty eight inches. To have an even chance requires bringing a large number. This can tie down infantry squads that would otherwise be shooting at other infantry. Sentinels could be used but at an expensive cost of 55 points each lascannon.

Caught in the middle, the missile launcher has no clear advantage in cost or damage. The frag version also doesn't compare very well to the two shots of the autocannon. It might work in an army without lascannons and only facing armour 13.

With unlimited range, the hunter-killer missile could possibly hit the side armour of a vehicle on the opposite side of the table. On a Chimera, this would be 10 rather than 12. However, the cost of 10 points is much large than the cost of a 15 point autocannon firing at the front armour for two turns.

The balance between lascannon and autocannon comes at armour 12. At this point, the lascannon is more effective but the autocannon is cheaper. Twelve is a reasonable number to for half a chance at taking out an armour 12 vehicle. Don't buy them in fire support squads. At armour 11 and 10, the autocannon is clearly superior.

Track Guards

For ten points, these down grade Immobilised to Crew Stunned on a 4+. It is most effective where the weapon is at it's strength limit in being able to penetrate the armour. This shifts armour 12 further in favour of the lascannon. It is just morally wrong on a Land Raider.



The marker stays on target 1/3 of the time and scatters 2d6 - BS the other 2/3 of the time. We can assume that a 5 or lower results in a hit with BS 3, a 10/36 chance.

Scatter chance = Direct Hit (1/3) + Scatter (2/3) * Scatter Distance (10/36) = 14/27

This is roughly the same as shooting with a BS 3 but depends greatly on the shape and size of the model.

Number of Shots for an Even Chance

This chart shows the number of shots or turns that different ordinance weapons would need to damage a vehicle. The unit has a fifty percent chance of success after the listed number of turns. It takes into account a flat 14/27 chance to hit on the scatter.


  1. Minimum costs for vehicles.
  2. Earthshaker is using direct fire.

The ordinance takes the highest of 2d6 but this is roughly the same chance as 2d6 with the strength 10 demolisher. It doesn't have the AP 1 of meltas though.


At armour 14, it would take three lascannons to do the job of the demolisher. Several issues are involved when comparing the two. The anti-tank squad adds 35 pts for each three taken for a cost of 110 points to the demolisher's 155. They could be taken for 100 points in infantry squads but would be taking the place of other heavy weapons, like the autocannon.

Having several lascannons gives for a more stable probability curve since you are rolling several dice. It is harder to kill them because they are cushioned by the wounds of the squad. The demolisher costs 155 points but also comes with a nice ordinance marker, front armour 14 and side armour 13. That marker template might be worth more killing infantry than tanks. Rolling less dice gives a more erratic probability curve. Using two demolishers would help.

At armour 12, the autocannon becomes the better choice.


The doctrine Sharpshooter tightens up the points spread between the lascannon and demolisher. The anti-tank sharpshooter squad is 120 points but can damage a tank in 7 turns compared to 8.3 for the demolisher. Sharpshooter and anti-tank lascannon squads should be considered together whn building a list.



Nothing to write home about. Don't shoot at vehicles.

Assaulting with Grenades

Vehicle assaults are resolved against the rear armour of the vehicle, usually 10. Melta bombs are Armoury choices so Veterans in command squads and Veteran Sergeants have access to them for five points.

This chart lists each unit attacking a vehicle at combat and crusing speeds.


  1. The points given for the ten/five person squads are for an infantry and junior officer command squad.
  2. The five person squad could also have three krak grenades for 6 points.

All of these could reliably take out a veichle moving at combat speed. Veterans could be equiped with a melta bomb for five points in case they survive a turn after being dropped.

Keep your tanks moving if they are anywhere close to being assaulted. Screen them with infantry units.

The last two units require doctrines but they look quite useful. The Special Weapons Squad would have trouble as they could not assault on the same turn they are dropped.

Rough riders get discount melta bombs at four points! Slap two meltaguns on and watch the horror unfold!


This guide is for Imperial Guard but the ideas could be applied to any army. Some armies have Str 10 AP 1 weapons that were not considered but are clear anti-tank weapons.

The improved cover saves for vehicles has helped them. The important change is removing destroyed results for glancing hits except for AP 1 weapons. The only AP 1 weapon, melta, also has an additional d6 armour penetration at half range making them clear winners.

The other important change is that vehicle assaults are resolved against the rear armour.


Much of the credit must go to H.B.M.C. and Stelek who started the discussion on this. Raxmei suggested rough riders. Matt-ShadowLord for his defense of the Demolisher.

Are there any questions or something missing? Are the charts clear?

Please check my math.


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